I consider myself rather a techie. I mean, I'm no Arch Linux-using terminal wizard, but I can find my way around a computer much better than many of my peers. Though, I suppose that's not saying much.

Anyways, since I was little, I've had quite an interest in different kinds of technology, which I talk a lot about on this site! So here, I'll link to all my different tech pages.

So first off, in case you couldn't tell by the blinkie in my sidebar, I love iPods! I have three, two of which have been retired, and I use the one that still works every day. I also want to get another iPod or two in the future! You can see my iPods page here.

Smartphones have tried, tables have tried, and WebTV's even tried, but in my opinion, the only good way to get on-line, and to do any sort of digital stuff, is a computer. Here, I talk about my computers and all the computers I've used in my life!

Another thing that I'm rather passionate about is e-mail! Everyone texts and tweets nowadays, and there seems to be a small movement of people who want to go back to writing letters (which I kind of want to try my hand at, but that's irrelevant), but I'm super passionate about bringing back e-mail and e-mailing people! Check out my page talking about the e-mail revival here, and e-mail me here!

If you've read through my opinions section, you'll know I don't really like smartphones. Instead, I think dumbphones are the way to go! I really prefer not only the nostalgic novelty of dumbphones, but the simpler, more disconnected lifestyle that they perpetuate. I really want to get a dumbphone soon! Check out my dumbphone page here!

Finally, check out the technology section of my opinions section and its sub-sections to learn my opinions about various technology things if you're so inclined! And all the tech pages will link to each other in the sidebar. :)

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