Song of the day: Sistar - Alone

Today's been a great day! I had Chinese for dinner, and tried cashew chicken and beef and broccoli--both dishes were great! Also, we got three new fish--two, sunburst platies, are named George and Mary (The other two that we already have both have long names, but their first names are William and Elizabeth) and I think I'll name the third Beatrice or something like that. Yes, all my fish (except the recently deceased Glubbers Gold'ness Fishdisease Orangefins Ray--yes, that is a My Immortal refernce--RIP!) have posh human names. Anyways, we also got McDonald's fries on the way home since we had points expiring, and we watched Clue at school! I only got to see the last bit, since I was correcting a worksheet for calculus--the only meh part of the day was that I bombed it, but I know what I did wrong and I'm hoping to do it right next time!--but it was still great! Also, right before sunset, it got super gloomy, and I'm looking forward to a super gloomy weekend! And my only homework left is to study. So yeah, today rocks. Good night!

Song of the day: Girls' Generation - Not Alone

So today, I learned that my next Latin test shall be an escape room, which we shall all work on as a class. I feel like this could either go very well or very poorly! But I managed to do all ym psych notes today, even though I had to do two chunks. The only thing I haven't done is my Latin flashcards! Wait, crap. Oh well, I'll do it after this. Anyways, I recently switched from Apple's Mail programme to Thunderbird and I really like it! Though its images are slightly weird. Also, today I met with my college counsellor during college counselling time, and it all seems to be going well! And my mum and I went to Goodwill and I bought a Barbra CD. That's all for now. Toodles!

Song of the day: Sistar - Touch My Body

It was really lovely and rainy today!! It was gloomy all morning, and since my psych teacher hadn't posted any assignments yet and I barely had any homework, I had a very relaxing day and I didn't have any homework tonight! Thankfully, we didn't have a lab or anything in chemistry today, and just did some practice problems for a very easy concept, and I had study hall. In French, my teacher was a little mad because almost none of her students turn in assignments on Google Classroom like she asks, and in calculus we did the second part of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Anyways, it sadly became sunny before I left school, so I couldn't take a walk in the rain, but at least it was rainy for most of the day! Anyways, that's all for today. Toodles!

Song of the day: Cho Tokimeki<3Sendenbu - Suki Suki Suki

I haven't done very much today, besides doing some homework and a crap tonne of work on this site--I changed the theme for my new redesign and made twenty pages! And alas, my four-day weekend is over, nearly as quickly as it began. I shall be sad to see it go, but I take it that tomorrow shall be more eventful than today, so I shall have more to write. Anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later!

Song of the day: Cho Tokimeki<3Sendenbu - Suki Suki Suki

Cool fact: it's exactly three years and one month today since I created this account! Isn't that cool? Anyways, I'm going to have lunch now, since I'm pretty hungry. Later!

Song of the day: Cho Tokimeki<3Sendenbu - Suki Suki Suki

I did some calculus and French homework today, but beyond that the highlights are watching Remington Steele for the first time with my mum, and then some Murder, She Wrote, and having a weird episode of blurry vision that I believe was from dry eyes, and finding the song of the day, which I really like, from having the Korean version recommended to me on YouTube, and feeling nauseous for a while around dinner time, which resulted in me having saltines for dinner, having already had them for breakfast because that's just the way I am. Also, ereyesterday I tried the oatmeal--did I mention that here? It was gross. Anyways, today's been more eventful, I suppose, but not necessarily in the best way. But I'm feeling better now and I'm going to go listen to that song some more. Toodles!

Song of the day: Momoiro Clover - Mirai E Susume!

I haven't done very much else today! I did a tiny bit of homework and some chores, but other than that I mostly just worked on the site (I got a whopping 8 pages transformed into frame versions!) and played Stardew Valley! It's been a nice, relaxed day here. Except for the fact that my mother's car won't start, but it'd a long weekend so we have time to get it fixed before I have to go back to school. Also, I had a mildly embarrassing moment when I saw my dad out for a walk when I was out for a walk and hid behind a tree. Yeah, I know I'm strange. Anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later!

Song of the day: DIA - Somehow

Happy four-day weekend! I've been chilling about today, and came up with a new design for my site! Yes, I was 80% of the way through making my previous new site design, but oh well. Anyways, I played a little Stardew Valley, and I chilled out and went to visit my grannie! She's feeling some better, thank God. Anyways, that was a little road trip--a boring road trip, and only a half-hour, but still. Anyways, I haven't done very much else today. Toodles!

Song of the day: Shinee - Replay

Good evening! It's been a pretty dang good day for me. I got my calc test back and I ended up getting a 93%! And though there was a pop quiz in chemistry over--in part, at least--a concept that we had learned a whopping fifteen minutes prior, I got five questions correct out of six! And I got 100% on my weekly Latin vocab quiz, and only got one question wrong on my psych test! And then, we finished watching this movie Les Choristes in French! And in my planning for our school's fun class week, I raised the possibility of my grandad being involved somehow--the one I'm in is about farming and he's a farmer! And now I have a four-day weekend. I think it's going to go well! Toodles!

Song of the day: Girls' Generation - HaHaha

Not much has happened today, either. It did start snowing this afternoon, though! And they were the really big snowflakes too, and they accumulated on my hoodie when I went on my walk! I also got instant oatmeal, which I've never had before, at the dollar store when we were picking up some things for my grannie (who, thankfully, is on the mend now after the medical crap that's she's been going through recently!) and I'm really excited to try it tomorrow morning! I have a psych test tomorrow, which will hopefully go well. I've been studying rather well, so I do think that it shall! Also, I finally sent some (keyword: some) of the e-mails that I've been meaning to send. Anyways, that's about it. I'll talk to all y'all later!

Song of the day: Girls' Generation - HaHaha

I'm doing pretty well this evening, but I forgot once again to reply to some e-mails. How does this always slip my mind? Anyways, today was boring. I found my elementary school report cards, however, and have been reading through them! Also, I want to buy HaHaHa by Girls' Generation on iTunes, but only live versions are on American iTunes. Oh well! Anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later!

Song of the day: Debbie Gibson - Lost In Your Eyes

Hey all y'all! I just had my calculus test and I think it went pretty well! Everything worked out as decently as possible last night, and my calculus test is over and hopefully I scored well, and now it's nice and rainy and a little chilly outside, so I think it's shaping up to be a pretty good day! Since it's Valentine's Day () my calculus teacher gave us all lollipops and jokey math-related cards, which was nice, and my lollipop's even purple! So it's looking up today. I'll talk to all y'all later!

Song of the day: Brave Girls - Rollin'

Good evening! It was nice again today, but I didn't have time to take a walk because my mother and I went and ran a few errands around town, and now we're at the hospital visiting for personal reasons--I shan't get into it--but other than that, it's been a nice day. My French vocab test was pretty easy, though I blanked on a couple of questions, and I feel pretty well prepared for my calculus test tomorrow. So anyways, let's hope everything improves soon, and I'll talk to all y'all later!

Song of the day: Amel Bent - Ma Philosophie

Today was pretty leisurely again! I haven't had to do much, so I've laid around and relaxed all day for the most part. Right now, my parents and I are watching a British sitcom called Waiting for God and it's really good! Also, because Missouri's weather makes so much sense, it felt like June today! Or rather, what June should be--a nice cool breeze, and in the mid-teens Celsius. Meanwhile, in four months a good chunk the time it'll probably feel like walking through a hot shower when one steps outside. Ah, Missouri! But anyways, that's it for tonight. I'll talk to all y'all later!

Song of the day: UHSN - Popsicle

Today was pretty nice and leisurely! I did a decent amount of calculus studying, and some psychology as well, and we took down the Christmas tree at long last! My mother and I also watched Mad About You on TV whilst going through and testing our cornucopia of pens to see which ones works. And of course, there was quite a bit of pen carnage (we threw the dry ones in the bin). I also tidied my desk and got a binder for my Verivery photocards. But that's it for today. I'll talk to all y'all later!

Song of the day: Red Velvet - Red Flavour (Japanese Version)

Since I didn't have the fundraiser today, I had French class with just the teacher, plus Blue and Green, who tagged along, which was fun! I think we were the only of the juniors and seniors who didn't do the fundraiser. Anyways, Blue and I went through a (bad in some parts) presentation about Senegal we did in 8th grade French class, the teacher gave me some French song recommendations, and I sang and danced along to the Liberée, Délivrée--the French version of Let It Go--before being booted about by the Spanish class that's in that room after us.

Then Green and I cleaned up the very unkempt student lounge (Some of these students are supposed to be functional adults in a matter of months!!) and played ping-pong, which Blue joined after finishing a quiz. It was pretty fun! Also, I've been doing a lot of TV Guide crosswords from my backlog the past few days, and I really love them! Anyways, that's all for now. Toodles!

Song of the day: NewJeans - Attention

Today has been pretty boring. The one thing that's happened today is that I found out that of my whole French class, I'm the only one who isn't volunteering for my school's yearly posh fundraising dinner! It's very heavily pushed onto students but I don't even own anything within the dress code (black-tie) and given that I'm, y'know, trans, but still closeted to my family and most of my school, there's no way I'm wearing a suit either way. Anyways, my French teacher and I are thus going to have a chill day tomorrow and talk about French culture and things such as.

In other news, at the library today, I worked up the courage to wave at a cute guy I passed! So that's rather good, I suppose! Also, Blue and I have to present with this classmate of ours, who's all but Green's sworn enemy. No doubt, this shall be very interesting! Anyways, that's all that happened today. I'll talk to all y'all later!

Song of the day: Hyoyeon from Girls' Generation featuring Bibi - Second

Once again, not much has happened today. We had a titration chemistry lab, which was stressful because I had to pour liquids into narrow cylinders and got hydrochloric acid on me multiple times, and I overheard people chatting about the frenemies; it looks unlikely at this point that they shall ever return to this school. I wish them all the best!

Anyways, one of my groupmates (who was forced into our group due to someone using up too much acid, and without whom my group--Pink and I--probably would've failed miserably) got some number a little wrong and was scolded like a 5-year-old with his hand the cookie jar by the chemistry teacher. Seriously, what is with that teacher? Anyways, it was nice and rainy today, and that's about all the interesting news for today. Toodles for tonight!

Song of the day: Elsa Esnoult - Quand Je Suis Avec Toi

Not much has happened today. Honestly, it's actually been a pretty boring (and long) day. I did end up getting an A on the second part of my chem test, meaning I have an A overall on the test! (I got four points off out of fifty for fat-fingering the calculator.) Anyways, I discovered that it's very hard to research Canadian universities! Which is absolutely lovely. So we'll see how that ends up! Also, I got my Verivery Season's Greetings yesterday, and ended up spending a while going through and actually putting important dates on the calendar! Anyways, that's about all for now. I'll talk to all y'all later!

Song of the day: GFRIEND - Neverland

Not much else happened today! It was nice and cool, but not too warm--17 degrees Celsius!--with a nice, cool breeze, so I particularly enjoyed my walk today! If only summer was like this here! This week has been warmer than normal, as opposed to the particular frigidity of last week, and it seems unlikely that we'll have a snow day for at least a week or two. Which is totally unlike what it was this time last year. Ah, Missouri! Also, on my walk today, I saw my school's librarian, which was pretty weird, but oh well. Anyways, that's all for tonight. I'll talk to all y'all later!

Song of the day: GFRIEND - Neverland

My cousin's birthday party was yesterday! It's normally on the Super Bowl day, which is annoying to my mother and me, as well as all other people present (few though they be) who don't care about American football. But it was early for some reason this year, and there was good food and good conversation, though it somehow drifted towards those drag queen storytimes at some point. Anyways, it was mostly pretty fun, though we got home so late that I didn't have time to post here! Anyways, so far today, i've had the first part of a chemistry test, and I got five of six questions right, which I think is pretty good! I also got pop tarts from my chemistry teacher. Although he may not be the best teacher, he at least has pop tarts! Anyways, I have work to do, so I'll talk to all y'all later. Toodles!

Song of the day: SISTAR19 - Ma Boy

Today's been better than yesterday, at least! I finished a re-do of my take-home portion from my recent calculus quiz, which she gave some of us since some people didn't do so hot on it. I got a 5.5/9 on that, but I think my new version is much more solid. Anyways, I also got a textbook assignment for calc done today. Also, my dad and I went to the library to pick up some audiobooks for my mother, and then went to the mall to post something at the post office. My town's mall has a little arcade in it, and I peeped in and it looked so cool!

I also went to see if they had anything cool at the CD store, but couldn't stay to browse very long since we were getting hungry. We had Culver's for lunch and it was pretty good! I spent much of the afternoon reading and writing in my diary, since I saw this super handsome guy at the mall and that somehow sent me into a spiral about being sad because I've never had a proper boyfriend. So yeah. Anyways, it's been a pretty decent day. I'll talk to all y'all later!

Song of the day: Girls' Generation-TTS - Holler

At last, this week is over! I'm so tired. And I have quite a bit of homework! But oh well. We'll have a day off sooner or later, and I'm going to do my best to savour it! Anyways, not much of interest happened, besides that chemistry quiz finally happening and a calculus quiz which I think I did decently on. Also, Blue and I snuck our names onto a sign-up sheet for English by putting them above someone else so we can hopefully present together instead of having to split up. Also, I overheard some ominous message about "visitors" between a teacher and the middle school principal. And we watched a YouTube video in French, where the teacher briefly locked the seniors out. Anyways, that's about all for my day. I'll talk to all y'all later!

Song of the day: Girls' Generation - Light Up The Sky

This week is so long!! And there's still another day!! I had a little more homework tonight that I probably should've worked on, but most of it isn't mandatory, so I did what I had to and beyond that, I haven't the energy. In college counselling, I tried searching for information on a particular university, but could barely find anything, so I fired off an e-mail--my third to them in about a week!--asking seven questions, and also replied to a prior e-mail from them.

Anyways, the one other thing of interest that happened today was that I saw one of the frenemies in the parking lot in her car picking up her brother. I wonder what's going on? Oh well--I'll find out sooner or later. Anyways, that's all for tonight. I'll talk to all y'all later!

Song of the day: Verivery - Tap Tap

Here's the pictures I promised like a week ago! The first is the snow last Wednesday, and the second is the Dippin' Dots hail/snow/sleet/whatever. Toodles for now!

Song of the day: Verivery - Tap Tap

Today's been a pretty relaxed day! I started off with a psychology block, and got two modules of notes done, including time spent slacking off and reading fanfiction, though one module was shorter than usual, to be totally fair. Anyways, then in French, we did a crossword, which was kind of embarrassing because it took me longer than it should have to come up with a couple of the word. And then in calculus, we got these notes on integrals with a little adorable cartoon duckling and then talked about integral properties!

Anyways, then came lunch. The lunch today was "boneless BBQ wings" aka chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce. They were actually pretty good! And then came the dreaded chemistry block, which means not only an hour and a half of chemistry, but usually a lab. DUN DUN DUN!!!!! But then, we were suddenly delivered from certain doom--the teacher was gone for jury duty, so we got a study hall! (I kid you not--once I heard that, I was literally jumping for joy as I went to get my headphones!)

Anyways, I got precisely zero schoolwork done during that, as well as my subsequent study hall, though these past few days, we don't really have much homework in the first place. The only homework I really have for tomorrow is to respond to some questions for French about a video we recently watched in class. Anyways, I had therapy after school, and was worried about what to occupy the hour-long session with, but we ended up talking about how social media is destroying this generation's youth, and also about cool things to do in various nearby small towns.

And now I'll go do some homework and then hopefully work on this site but realistically mostly sit around on Quotev for the rest of the night! I used to have a FNAF Quotev fanfiction/quiz phase a long while ago, and I'm kind of falling back into it just because. Honestly, I remember finding out about the first two games on-line when they were the only ones, and then surfing sites related to the first few games, especially on Quotev, in the early FNaF days. I miss those days! Especially the 2015 FNaF Quotev fandom, which I only ever discovered after the fact. Anyways, Quotev is the only "social media" (but is it really social media?") site that I really like. Anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later!

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