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For now, I reluctantly have a smartphone (a 2020 iPhone SE, for those of you who wanted to know), but as soon as I move out of the house for university, I hope to switch to a flip phone and have an iPad or something of the sort for Instagram and all that (as much of an old Web enjoyer as I am, I still hop on Instagram for a few minutes from time to time). There is the matter of what I'd do at those places (thankfully few, in my experience) that require smartphones, like restaurants that make you use QR codes for menus, but I suppose that if I knew I was going out to one of those places, I could bring along my old smartphone in my bag or something.

Music streaming

If you've clicked through my site before or are one of my close IRL friends, then you'd know that I'm 100% an iPod person. I got an iPod nano for my birthday in 2020, and since then it's been pretty much the only way I've listened to music on the go. And I'm definitely a supporter of buying music, since you own it and it supports the artists more. So I really don't like streaming because it's too Net-based for me, it doesn't support the artist as much, and you don't even own the music! And Spotify and Apple Music keep pushing their algorithmic playlists. The closest thing I want to that is Genius playlists on my iPod.

Mac versus Windows

When I was young, my family only ever used Windows at home, but my school had late 00s iMacs in the computer lab, and I got an iPad for my birthday when I was young to play educational games, so I always wanted a Mac. I eventually got a crappy HP laptop, and a couple of years later, a crappy Dell laptop, which pretty much turned me off of Windows, especially the later, which ran Windows 10 on a spinning hard drive. So yeah.

Nowadays I use Mac exclusively, and they're mostly great, though Apple have made some choices with the Mac recently which I'm not exactly a fan of. For example, I don't really like the new Big Sur interface which seems to be more and more iOS-ified. Windows 10 and especially 11 aren't really good either, but I don't plan to switch to Linux, mainly because Linux doesn't have iTunes or the Mac's mitosis'd iTunes apps.


One of the most ghastly fast food restaurants which is somehow still popular. Seriously, I went there once and their mozzarella sticks were okay (but can you really ruin those?), but the fish and chips were just weird, especially the fish and chips. The chips were mediocre and the fish had a bad taste and aftertaste, from what I'm pretty sure was the batter they cooked it in. Not a pleasant experience.

Windows 11

What the hell has Microsoft been thinking? One of the commonly touted advantages (from my experience) of Windows PCs over Macs is the customizability, and now Microsoft has gone and completely axed a good part of that. At least with Macs the dock doesn't have to be at the bottom, it can be at the left or right side to, but the Windows taskbar is stuck to the bottom. It also has that new centred look, basically ripping off Chromebooks, and the horrid new Start menu. Seriously, you can't replace the recommended files with more apps?

If there's anything that we've learned with Windows 8, 10 and now 11, it's that Microsoft just refuses to leave good enough alone. Meanwhile, the Mac interface hasn't really changed much (besides aesthetically) in quite a while, which I'm personally fine with, since if it ain't broke, you don't fix it! Though I do prefer the Mac's older skeumorphism to the new flat design.

Windows 8.1

In my opinion, the last good version of Windows. With a couple of minor tweaks (Classic Shell, etc) it was basically a faster version of Windows 7. Microsoft mostly left the desktop unchanged, and it still had the Control Panel and all of that, and even the modifications were bearable. Windows 10 claimed to bring the best of both worlds, but it just muddled the desktop with Metro-y crap. Plus, it seems to me that Windows 8.1 was the last version of Windows that didn't hoist its crap in your face, since Windows 10 forced itself upon Windows 7 and 8.1 user very literally, and forced Candy Crush and co. upon users. And then, of course, Windows 10 removed some customization options, and Windows 11 removed many more.

New TV shows

I've found some to my liking, but most seem to be too dark and gritty for me. For example, why the heck did they reboot Fresh Prince as a gritty drama? And I've heard that that's a trend! I much prefer the shows of yesteryear that feel warm and happy, like the Golden Girls, Murder She Wrote, Designing Women, etc.

New teen TV shows

This is one of the things that I don't think I will ever get. Why do new teen TV shows seem to be so mature? They're talking about sex and drugs and murder all the time, and these are supposed to be about teens. What kind of teenagers do these writers know? Seriously, whatever happened to Blossom? That, at least in my opinion, was one of the most accurate depictions of the teen experience, even about thirty years later.


Honestly underrated! Now I can have a cold sweet treat that tastes good without feeling like shite because I ate a whole mug of ice cream, though of course I still have ice cream sometimes because it's yummy as crap. A word of advice, though: don't try to do DIY at home froyo, because I did and it ended badly. And especially don't forget about it and leave it in the freezer overnight, because then it will freakin' crystalize. Totally not speaking from experience.


One of the only social media sites I even visit and enjoy these days, and even then, it's only a couple of minutes before I get bored and go to do something else. I go to Twitter every day or two, but have really been meaning to kick that habit since I hate that site. Anyways, I've found that Tumblr is really good for fanfiction (in my opinion, better than any of the dedicated fanfic sites), but I haven't been reading as much lately, which is probably the biggest reason behind my decreased usage.

Dogs vs. cats

Honestly, I'm half-and-half. I feel like there's a nice balance sometimes, because dogs can be over-eager and cats can be under-eager. Whenever I go to my grandparents', who have like ten dogs (including my aunt and uncle's dogs, they live nearby and have free roam since they're in the country), a lot of them swarm around me and I feel like a celebrity trying to get away from the paparazzi. But I digress. I like the more mellow, yet still friendly dogs, and the friendlier cats, like this cat that my mother's friend used to have named Muffin, who, for quite a while was always really eager to see us when we visited! Anyways, I like both.

Kindles and e-Books

Honestly, I'm kind of split on the e-Book vs paper book issue. I mean, it's nice to have physical books so I can gloat to everyone who comes over to my house about how smart I am hold the book in my hands and experience it and smell it and all. But on the other hand, I hate annotating a physical book (I don't know why, but it just irks me) but have no problem whatsoever with leaving all my snarky little comments in a Kindle book, plus Kindle books are much more convenient, though sometimes more expensive for some reason? But yeah, I'm 50/50 here.

Backstreet Boys vs NSYNC

Sorry NSYNC fans, but I'm Backstreet all the way. NSYNC was basically Justin featuring some backup singers, while all the Backstreet Boys shine relatively equally in their songs. Plus, there's something to be said for the Backstreet Boys staying together for almost 30 years and still releasing new music and touring together, and even surviving one member leaving for a while. So yeah, Backstreet for life!

Tik Tok

Personally, I don't really get the appeal. I've downloaded it a few times to try and get the hype, but all of those times I lasted less than an hour before deleting it again. Maybe I just needed to find my niche or whatever, but given the addictive effects it apparently has, I think I'll just stay away from it for now.


An actual joke. Firstly, the first model's colours are questionable. Poo brown and flavourless, decade-old canned peas dark green? And the name they came up with for sharing songs with friends. Like what the hell? And though the interface was pretty good, that's about it. The Zune ecosystem in its entirety was absolute crap. Instead of Apple, who had people pay in actual currency amounts, Microsoft made you buy "Zune points" and then spend those. And of course, Microsoft's store only had about 10%, if that, of the music iTunes has and still has. There's so much more, but I've got to go listen to my iPod.


For some people, an entirely Web-focused computer can do the job well, but for me it couldn't: one, because I cannot stand Google Drive, Google Docs, or any of that (I use the Apple iCloud, Pages and all of that stuff instead), two, because I need iTunes for my music and my iPod. Also, I don't use Chrome, I use Edge, so that wouldn't work out either, and I generally try to avoid giving Google as much of my personal information as I can.


I feel like I'm generally pretty good at math, and have historically been, too (save for a while in sixth grade, where I had a low C in pre-algebra until my father made me get it together), but I'm pretty meh on most of it. I did generally like geometry, though, and I disliked some parts of precalculus. So it just about evens out.

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