Splatoon 3

I played the Splatoon 3 global Splat Fest preview thingie and it seems really cool! Though I didn't get any experience in with the tri-colour turf wars or the new weapons because I didn't play for very long. But overall it seems cool! It also looks a lot prettier, at least to me. I wonder if it's just the lighting, but it all looks much more vibrant! I'm really excited for the full game!

Nintendo Wii

One of (in my opinion) the best consoles ever! My family's had one since I was a little kid. I can still remember attempting to play MarioKart on it when I was six and absolutely failing miserably. I also remember attempting to play New Super Mario Bros. Wii when I was around 9 and absolutely failing miserably. Yeah, I wasn't the pro gamer girl then that I totally am now. I have the original model with GameCube backwards compatability, though I've never used it to play a GameCube game, and I still have a crap tonne of games for it.

And of course, one can't talk about the Wii without talking about the included software. The Wii menu is genuinely prettier than all modern console menus combined, and I remember making Miis for hours on end, probably more than actually playing games. And the music!! So yeah, the Wii is pretty dang amazing! I just wish I'd downloaded more games, especially Virtual Console games, whilst I had the chance. :(

Nintendo Wii U

If the Wii has one of the prettiest menus, then the Wii U has the prettiest menu of any modern console! Anf the music, whilst not as fun as the Wii music, is more relaxing. And the whilst I wish it had GameCube backwards compatability too, the Wii backwards compatability is really great! And the GamePad, whilst large, was super comfortable! And this thing would've made the best Virtual Console machine if I had money and they weren't closing the e-Shop down soon.

I got the Wii U right before the Switch came out, so I was kinda bitter, but I have a tonne of good memories with this thing. THe first game I ever remember beating was Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U, and I got the MarioKart 8 bundle, so I played a tonne of that! I also started playing Splatoon there, and started loving it! So yeah, this is a really great console. :)

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