I think this is probably the least controversial opinion I've ever had. As I type this, I'm laying on the couch, my nose all clogged and my eyes kind of watery because of allergies. So I don't have the fondest opinion of our seasonal (or not-so-seasonal) friends. Ugh!

Having A Cold

The first world problem of illnesses. Everyone regards it as no big deal, and even after one's recovered from a cold, you don't really say "wow, that sucked so much", you just move on. But having a cold really does suck. You can't breathe and/or have a horribly sore throat and/or are coughing multiple times a minute. I'm recovering from a cold right now, and my nose and throat are (mostly) back to normal, but I'm coughing a crap tonne, especially when I'm off my cold meds, and it's very annoying. Ugh!

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