I. Love. Music. I have a whole page dedicated to iPods for a reason---I use my iPod a tonne! I mostly listen to k-pop and some country, with some various pop, both French and English, and occasional other genres mixed in. I have well over 2,000 songs in my iTunes library, and so I wanted to make a page talking about my love of music! Feel free to click through the various hyper-links below to some music related pages on my site!

My Favourite Songs!

My experience at Verivery's 2021 US tour!

My K-Pop Biases!

Album Reviews

Verivery - Veri-Us (2019)

Verivery - Series "O" - Round 1: Hall (2021)

Verivery - Series "O" - Round 0: Who (2022)

Verivery - Series "O" - Round 3: Whole (2022)

Verivery - Liminality - EP:LOVE (2022)

Verivery - Liminality - EP:DREAM (2023)

Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation (2007)

Girls' Generation - Forever 1 (2022)

CSR - Sequence: 17& (2022)

The Wind - Beginning: The Wind Page (2023)

New! The Wind - Out: YouthTeen (2024)

Britney Spears - Britney (2001)

Debbie Gibson - Out of the Blue (1987)

Shuffle Reviews

Here are my shuffles reviews! These will be where I put my iTunes on shuffle and review whatever song comes on. This is inspired by The Bias List.

One - Isak n Jiyeon

Around The Corner Of Your Eye - the A*Teens

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