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Hey Web-surfers, I'm Lizzie, and welcome to my cozy little corner of the World Wide Web! Amongst other things, I love music, video games and YouTube! My favourite musicians are: Verivery, Girls' Generation, CSR, Sistar, H.O.T., Jordan Sweeto, Debbie Gibson, Joey Lawrence, S.E.S., Westlife, Super Junior, Wonho, Lightsum, the A*Teens and a few others! In terms of Youtubers, I really like Ann Reardon, Vi Hart, Michael MJD, OSFirstTimer, Overly Sarcastic Productions, the Internet Investigator, Lazy Masquerade, Nexpo and Joanna Stern from the Wall Street Journal, plus a bunch of others.

I'm definitely a fan of Web 1.0 design as compared to Web 2.0! The Web of the late 90s and its modern revival on Neocities and other similar services are really big influences on this site and its content and design. I'm also a huge fan of vintage iPods (basically everything but the touch 6g and later), especially the nanos!

Be sure to look at all the other pages on my Web site by clicking all the hyper-links in the sidebar on the left. There's a lot of cool stuff here about me and things I'm interested in. I hope you enjoy surfing through my Web site as much as I enjoy making it, and before you leave, make sure to sign my guestbook. Surf's up! See you on the Net!

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