Hey everyone! Sorry for the radio silence these past few days, but I've been really busy and I haven't had enough free time to really do much outside of school. However, I have tomorrow off of schooL! I've also been doing plenty of writing and I came up with an idea for a story that I think is pretty cool! I've only told it to a few friends though, because I don't really like to publicly talk about what I'm doing until I've finished it. Also, I've been listening to MCND's new comeback recently and it's great! I was going to stan them after Spring, but their comeback after that put me off a bit. But now with ATEEZ and MCND having such great comebacks I might start stanning them soon! Anyways, I'd write more but it's almost dinnertime and I'm really hungry so talk to you later!

I finally did (part of) my reading for school yesterday! I also watched some Clarissa Explains It All and Golden Girls! I didn't do as much writing yesterday, though, because I kinda felt a bit under the weather today. :( (Don't worry, I'm feeling better now and I checked my temperature and I don't have a fever!)

Alas, once again I spent the entirety of yesterday procrastinating and not doing school work. Such is life! So I've really just been sitting around all weekend because who does anything on a three-day weekend? But my new phone case finally arrived yesterday, so I don't have to worry about shattering my screen! Even though I've been thinking of buying a new phone, but oh well.

Also, I've been watching quite a bit of Vi Hart and it's actually really interesting content! If only algebra class was this entertaining. -_- Sadly, the most entertaining thing I've done recently in algebra class is write in my notebook :/

So I overslept this morning. :( It was only by about 45 minutes, and it's not like I have to be anywhere since it's the weekend, but it's still super annoying! Either way, I did end up getting enough work done yesterday, and I'm hoping to get some more done today! I didn't end up doing my philosophy reading, though, but oh well.

Finally, a day off! I have some reading stuff to do for my philosophy class, but other than that, my day seems to be wide open, so I'm probably going to work on this site quite a bit at some point!

Blogger's note: I forgot to publish this until over twelve hours after I had meant to. Oops!

I've had a back-to-back exam and presentation this morning so far, so having those over with is a big weight off my shoulders! Plus, I don't have school tomorrow, so I get to lay back with a huge weight taken off of my shoulders. For some reason, I've just had an unusually large amount of work the past couple of weeks or so, and it's great to finally not have so much to do!

So today and yesterday I've started to listen to music by this kpop artist named Wonho, particularly his newest album. For those of you who don't know, he used to be part of a boy group named Monsta X, but now he's a soloist. But anyways, he's so underrated! He's super talented and also one of the kindest, handsomest men in the kpop industry. You guys should go watch the music video for his latest single Lose here!

Everyone go listen to Get Away by Verivery! It's such an amaizng title track, and definitely one of their best! The music video is so amazing too, and we managed to get 2 million views in the first day! You can also see my review of the single album Get Away is on here.

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