So first of all, my site's reached 100k views, so thank you all so much for that! *insert narcissism thinly veiled in humbleness here!* But in all reality, thank you!!

But aside from that, I've been binging a let's play of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch over the past few days, and it looks like such an amazing game! I just wish I had a Switch or a Playstation to play it. There is technically a PC version, but I have a Mac, and I hate rebooting into Boot Camp Windows and it'd probably run poorly in a VM. :(

Of course, I've also been doing some more work on my WIP, including going back and revising a few scenes I've akready written, and I think it's coming along very nicely!

But yeah, I'm gonna go write now, so ttyl!

So spring break is over! :( Honestly, last week was a super great week. I think being able to sleep in until 8:30 instead of the 7:30 that I normally wake up at definitely helped! I've been writing some more on my new WIP, and it's coming along really nicely! One of the best parts of the writing process is when you're processing your story's plot in your mind and you come up with a super great addition/plot point to add!

Recently, I've also watched The Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube, which, if you don't know, is basically the story of Pride and Prejudice retold in a modern view through the medium of vlogging, and it's super entertaining! I watched all 100 episodes in about 2 days! You should all go watch it (after you've finished checking out my site, of course!)

So, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries got me thinking: what if I made my own video diaries? I'm still unsure about it, but if I decide to make video diaries, you all here will be the first to know!

In quickfire "other news",

  1. I want to find out how to make a gallery feature for the Verivery page on my site, so if anyone knows how to do that, then please comment on my guestbook!

  2. I've been reading a lot of books by Sarah Dessen, and they're great! You all should go read her books.

  3. At some point, I had a flashback to Glove and Boots, a YouTube channel that I absolutely loved back in around 2016 and 2017! It seems they stopped making content back in 2019/2020, though which is super sad, but after checking one of their Twitter accounts, it seems that they've just been held up by COVID.

So that's all from me for now. Talk to you later!

Hey everyone, long time no see! Sorry I haven't updated the site in a while, but I've been busy. 〈/3 But, I'm back! So basically, the 411 on my life since my last post is as follows:

  1. My class had to plan a film festival (we're only showing one film, so does it really count?) for some sort of school activity. Naturally, my group came up with a cool name and logo, which were promptly rejected by another group. Oh well.

  2. I've done quite a bit of writing on a new WIP that is quite possibly my best yet! The only problem is that I'm still about 1500-2000 words from finishing my prior WIP, but I'm already so into my new one that it's kind of hard to get into the "spirit" of my old characters.

  3. I've discovered the wondrous activity that is sitting on the couch and eating neapolitan ice cream out of a mug. Now you can just drink the melted ice cream instead of having to scrape it up with a spoon!

  4. I have a dentist's appointment at 11:00, which is in less than an hour. Hoo boy. At least it'll be over with by lunchtime. I wonder if they'll let me listen to my iPod during my appointment?

Anyways, I need to go sync my iPod, so ttyl!

This is completely random but why the hell is it so hard to blow bubbles with bubble gum? My mother got me some at the store today and I tried for a while and the closest thing I got to a bubble I could barely even see. Apparently blowing bubble gum involves the same muscles as whistling, though, which is something that I also can't do, so there's that.

I have been so tired this week, so sorry for not updating this site very much! Anyways, I had a substitute for physics today, and my physics teacher sent an email out about 20 minutes before class (which began with "hey y'all", might I add) saying that he would be absent and so my philosophy teacher (who often serves as a short-notice sub) subbed for physics, as well as my French class. My French teacher dropped in for about two minutes in the middle of class, and then promptly leaved. Anyways, I've been doing some writing and not much else other than school and watching YouTube, so I don't have much else to update you on. :( But anyways, talk to you later!

I swear, the last two weeks before spring break just drag on and on! I can't wait to finally get a break from school and rest. If only I could spend the whole first day of spring break sleeping!

Anyways, today in Latin class, we did bingo. Personally, I won some laffy taffy and Hershey's kisses (lava cake - yum!), as well as two small spikey balls, one orange and one grey, which I named after the main characters from the story I'm currently writing. Also, today and yesterday, I've been watching quite a bit of Sarah Millican, who is an English comedian if you don't know. Anyway, her stuff is super funny! Also, it's been raining a ton over the past few days, which has been amazing! Sadly, it's supposed to become sunny again on Friday, so I'll have to enjoy the rain while it lasts.

Also, the Grammys were the other day. (I think, the days have all been blending together for the past year!) I honestly wish BTS would've won the award they were nominated for, though Rain On Me is a good song of course. My biggest issue, however, with the Grammys is that somehow Justin Timberlake has been nominated for 39 Grammys and won 10, while Britney has been nominated for ten and has only won one. Being the huge Britney fan that I am, I'm quite aggravated at this, especially considering that Britney is the Princess of Pop, while Justin Timberlake's first big hit (that I'm aware of), Cry Me A River, was literally airing his dirty laundry with Britney in a hurtful way in the public when (according to Britney's sister Jamie Lynn) "he cheated first".

This week on Daniel rants about random things: Daylight savings time! So I forgot to set my clock back last night, and I (of course) got woken up at 7 AM by squirrels in the attic, except I went back to sleep because I thought it was 6. So then my phone's alarm, which is normally set for 7:30, went off at "6:30", I went back to sleep until "7:30", when my alarm clock alarm went off. At least I got an extra hour of sleep, but either way this morning was just a mess.

I also have some physics homework, and we use an app as our textbook. So right now I'm trying to download the textbook on my computer, except for whatever reason, the stupid thing isn't doing anything vaguely related to downloading. Also, thankfully, it's been pretty rainy these past few days, making me one very happy femboy, but now I want a boyfriend to sit and enjoy the rain with. :( Oh well, at least I have the song That's The Way It Is by Celine Dion to cheer me up!

So I had today off for parent teacher conferences! It went pretty well (except physics, my teacher complained about me not being "engaged" enough), and afterwards, I watched some Gilmore Girls and ate some neapolitan ice cream out of a mug. Honestly, eating ice cream out of a mug is so much better that eating it out of a bowl in my opinion, because you can drink the melted ice cream way easier after you've eaten all the rest!

Of course, I also did some writing on some projects that I've been working on and I've been considering starting some sort of literary journal or something where students from my city can publish short stories. I should see if one exists, though, since I only really know about stuff going on in my school, which is pretty small, and there are two massive high schools in my area.

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