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Final Finals Part IV: Disaster!

Song of the day: Wonder Girls - One Black Night

I've discharged my last academic duties of high school! I know that makes me sound a bit like a sitting-duck president or prime minister or something, but that's what I feel like somewhat, you know? Anyways, today my English final project was due, and I had to make my final presentation for French. English went... well, I don't want to put blame on anyone or divulge anything specifically at least for now as it feels a little sensitive, but let's just say it went very poorly due to misunderstandings and other sorts of stuff and we didn't end up with the results we had hoped for!

French went much better, thank God. (Although since I wrote my presentation on Saturday in my double cheeseburger food coma-induced stupor, there were some stupid grammatical mistakes I wouldn't normally have made... and one or two I would have anyways.) Pink and I each presented on our university, and it was quite nice and relaxed. We agreed to keep in touch with our French teacher and we also made a final goodbye video for the video penpal exchange we've been doing this semester, which has been really fun! (Pour les filles, si vous lisez ça d'une manière ou d'une autre, coucou et j'espère que tout va bien avec vous!)

We got out a little early, and my mum and I had McDonald's for lunch, and then I kind of did nothing for most of the afternoon. I did make a few final edits on my graduation speech (woo, I get to make a speech!) but they might have been a bit too late---I finished up around 6, and the deadline was "the end of the day". I hope I made it!! But that's pretty much it for the day---I have the day off tomorrow since I've not got any elective finals, so I'm looking forward to a final day of pre-summer holiday relaxation! Toodles!

Published on Monday, May 20, 2024, at 9:08 PM.

Final Finals Part III: Delirium!

Song of the day: Alice - Summer Dream

This is literally my last weekend of high school. Holy crap. I'm going to a grad party tonight, since this one classmate of mine always holds a party at the end of the year and decided to amke it a grad party this year. It's also hitting me since my mum and I finally started assembling my graduation stole---we get to put a couple little personalized decals and stuff on our stoles. I only have two more classes of high school ever, and then field day and that's it! (I feel liek I'm talking about the duties I have to discharge before resigning some government post.) I'm almost done---oh my gosh.

Speaking of classes, Friday was my history final essay due date, which I managed to finish well! (And of course, ti was long---ten and a bit pages compared to the four-page minimum!) The teacher brought in some bagels, so I had a nice snack as well whilst I worked and then faffed about once I finished. And then was what was supposed to be my Latin final period, but an hour after when that was supposed to start, the AP Latin Exam was supposed to start, so our Latin teacher cancelled any final and let us go eat lunch, since the exam was supposed to last until 3:00. My mum and I went to my favourite Mexican place and then we got back just in time for the AP exam. Oy.

To preface: my Latin teacher this year was a pretty good teacher, but by his own admission thought thoroughly preparing us for the AP exam would be gruelling enough he didn't really try. So the test caught us napping, so to speak. Literally. Within ten minutes of starting the multiple choice section, two people had finished, sealed their booklets up and laid down on the floor napping. Even the try-hards finished after a half-hour, only half of the allotted time. The free-response questions... didn't go much better. It was supposed to be two hours long, but we were all finished in forty minutes. There were translation questions and short-answer questions, which I was actually able to try on and maybe do decently on!

...And then there was the essay.

The College Board has already posted the questions on their Web-site, so I can show you what I had to suffer first-hand. I'm talking about Question 3 here. I don't know if i'm allowed to recount my answer exactly, but I was... clueless. I wrote a letter to my grader apologizing and trying to be witty. I don't think they could figure out who I am from my responses or anything, but if my AP grader somehow happens to be reading my site, sorry again! :)

And there's more I wrote that I didn't get into here for fear of getting my score cancelled or something. Maybe I'll revisit this in the fall and tell the full story---it had my mother laughing deliriously the entire drive home.

So yeah, that's my past few days! (Except yesterday, since due to stuffing myself at lunch and then watching YouTube on my floor in the dark while I recovered, I spent the entire afternoon in a braindead stupor. You didn't miss much.) This time next week, I'll be done with high school, y'all. AAH! Toodles!

Published on Sunday, May 19, 2024, at 1:48 PM.

Final Finals Part II: Bubbles!

Song of the day: STAYC - Bubble

Finals week started today! It's finally starting to hit me that this is my last week with these people, that I've known for so long, as my classmates---it's really sad. And the future is more certain than it was a month ago, of course, with regards to college and all, but it's still uncertain---what classes will I take? What friends will I make? Will I make any at all? Probably, but the thought worries me! It's all just a really blurry sort of question mark (and my terrible eyesight requiring exorbitant prescription lenses isn't helping) and I'm sad to leave what I have behind, even though college is really likely going to be bigger and better. And it's not helping the bittersweetness that I had to clean out my locker yesterday!

On a lighter note, my grandparents visited today, and gave me a birthday card and a graduation card (they're both relatively soon, so they might as well) and a purple blanket and a nice frame for my graduation photo. We had a nice little chat and then I filled out some forms for college and all that stuff.

Speaking of school, I had my AP French exam yesterday and my first final exam today! AP French went well (except for some technical difficulties with the audio we had to listen to!!) and so did my math final. I had my "final" time for study hall this morning, so Blue and I sat around and joked in study hall once last time. I'm really going to miss that! My math final went pretty well, I think, and afterwards my mum and I split some Dairy Queen chicken strips for lunch---scrummy, of course.

I'm not sure what the future holds for me, and I don't know if I feel quite ready to tackle it yet, but hey, that's what summer vacation's for, right? Anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later. Toodles!

Published on Thursday, May 16, 2024, at 9:24 PM.

Final Finals! (of High School)

Song of the day: BTS - DNA

It's just about to be my final finals week of high school! I've already had one AP exam, last Wednesday, for AP Lit. I think I did pretty well, although, being verbose (if you've surfed through my site, you probably know!), I finished the essay questions with only one minute to spare! Weirdly, most of my finals this semester are projects---my only exam is for math. I have a history paper, nothing for Latin (because the AP Latin exam literally starts halfway through our final exam period), a project for English which I will get to in a minute (oh boy) and a little mini-presentation for French that I can fit in over the weekend.

Finally, Performing Arts, we split into two groups, each of which had to recreate a film scene. I was in a group with Ink and two other students, and we recreated that scene from Lord of the Rings where the four Hobbits trample through Farmer Maggot's corn field. I thought we did a pretty decent job, but according to the group member who edited it, it's completely inaudible! But we're still ahead of the other group, since I don't think they've filmed theirs yet although it's due today. :/

Anyways, that English project! We split up into groups and had to make a children's adaptation of a classic novel from a list. Green, Pink and I grouped up and Green wanted to pick Frankenstein, and I wanted Pride and Prejudice. Long story short, we ended up reaching a stalemate over which book to pick since I was apparently the only one in the group that was confident enough in their P&P knowledge to do the writing, and Green and I got very cross with each other. Our English teacher pulled us three aside and basically just recommended we choose something off the list, so we chose Romeo and Juliet (even though I've never seen or read it besides Gnomeo and Juliet, and that was ages ago) and I got my writing knocked out quickly. So yeah, this project has been kinda frustrating, but it's all better now.

I have the AP French exam tomorrow morning! I was a bit worried, but after doing some practice I think I'm pretty well prepared, as long as I try and fit in a little last-minute studying tonight. Let's just pray I do well! I'd appreciate any prayers or good thoughts y'all could send my way. :) I love French! I also have a ton of pre-orientation crap for college like placement tests and all I have to do soon/over the weekend. Oy! And I need to continue applying for jobs---I interviewed for one over a week ago that said callbacks would be early last week and I never got a simple "yes" or "no". Very annoying! But I digress. I just hope I get some sort of job to do over the summer, for pocket money and so I don't get ennui! The summer between sophomore and junior year, I spent all summer laying on the couch in the dark watching 7th Heaven. So yeah. Toodles!

Published on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, at 11:02 AM.

Tuesday Museday

Song of the day: Dreamnote - Hakuna Matata

Hey y'all! Sorry for the random weird philosophy last time---I was having a weird/bad day. I'm feeling much better today for the most part! I have had quite the busy past few days, though, and I redownloaded Instagram for college reasons (my college---by the way, I committed to a college! That's not scary at all.) which led to me absolutely wasting most of my afternoon/evening today on Instagram, so I didn't get to have fun and surf the Net like I planned---it feels like ages since I've even been able to sit down and work on the site! Can y'all believe that I used to update this site every day? But it'll be summer soon, and I'll have more free time, and hopefully I'll have more free time in college as well.

But back to my busy weekend---my prom was last Saturday! I didn't go last year, so this was my first and only prom, and it was really fun! Blue didn't go, but Green did and brought a friend, so I spent my time hanging out with them as well as my fellow stage manager from our play last month and her friends. (I really should've come up with a colour moniker for her! Hmm... we wore black during the play since we were on stage crew, so I'll call her Ink. Sorry for the weird nickname if you're reading this!) Anyways, I wore a really cute outfit inspired by Girls' Generation's outfits in one of their music videos, and I had quite a good time. I also went thrifting Saturday and found a lot of cute stuff (we hit up a thrift store and five garage/rummage sales!) including a super cute blue top and an adorable pink Vera Bradley purse! And then yesterday I went to run errands with my dad and spent my afternoon and evening at my family's house for a family dinner, and then of course I had tonight's Instagram time-suck. Now I'm reminded of why I'm not a social media girl! And I deleted Instagram back off my iPad and I'm now relegating it to the computer alone---it's much harder to get addicted to it on the computer.

The end of the school year is only a few weeks away, and college is exciting but also I listened to a ballad (literally a slow k-pop love song) this morning and it made me think of graduating, which made me cry. I wish I had branched out before my senior year, especially in trying theatre, but at the same time I don't think I'd really change (most of) my high school for the world. Who knows what could've happened differently? I'm just glad I've gotten the amazing senior year that I've gotten. And now I'm getting emotional again!

By the way, if anyone who may happen upon this blog post has any good tips for making friends in college, please e-mail me by clicking on the "E-Mail Me" link in the sidebar! I do worry about making friends since compared to my small high school, I'm going to a rather bigger college, so I worry about getting lost in the crowd or something. But on the other hand, I'll have more potential friends. It's a tough dilemma or whatever, but I hope that I'll make it---but again, any advice would be very appreciated!

But that's it for this entry! Here's hoping (against hope) that I'll be able to have some breaks to read, listen to music, surf the Net, etc., this week! I've been missing those quite greatly. I'll talk to all y'all later! Toodles!

Published on Monday, May 6, 2024, at 10:01 PM.

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