Here are some random thoughts that I had in September 2022.

1/9/2022 8:39 PM - I'm not ready for it to be September yet! I feel like the school year's barely started, but I also kid of feel like it (and August) just dragged on. I hope that September's a much better month for me and for all y'all!

2/9/2022 11:02 AM - It's finally raining! It's only properly rained here once like all summer! And it's really coming down out there! Hell yeah! :D

2/9/2022 8:17 PM - I feel like I don't have enough free time these days! Even when I have the entire afternoon off, like today, because it's Friday, I still feel like I need more free time. I miss holiday!

3/9/2022 8:52 PM - Whatever happened to Cody from Step by Step? I wonder where he is now.

5/9/2022 7:01 PM - OK, so before dinner, I went on a walk around my neighbourhood, and it was overcast, and With Us by Verivery came on my iPod, and it gave me the feels! It hit me with so much nostalgia for their 2021 tour date that I attended. BTW, check out my new page on that here! Anyways, it was such a cool moment.

5/9/2022 8:59 PM - What the hell is a reflective essay? Ugh. I'll just leave it for tomorrow.

6/9/2022 7:05 PM - I just took an hour-long walk through my neighbourhood and I'm so tired, ugh! And I only saw one cute guy! I normally like to take a walk outside in the evenings to de-stress, but I'm trying to stay alive here. I'll certainly make my walk tomorrow shorter! Who cares if I fill my Fitbit rings or dots or whatever?!?

8/9/2022 8:56 PM - Today still feels like it's not real. Today is historic and strange.

9/9/2022 8:57 PM - My back hurts like hell, and I don't know why. What the heck is up with that?!?

10/9/2022 7:52 PM - I'm so sick of tacos

13/9/2022 8:47 PM - I saw this couple at my school kissing a ton today and now I wish I had a boyfriend, but oh well.

17/9/2022 8:37 PM - What's with 8 out of 10 Cats? What's with the two other cats? I kinda have a crush on Cody from Step by Step, honestly.

19/9/2022 7:52 PM - A few hours ago it was raining! Woot woot! It also rained a little at like 4 AM (I woke up in the night). But sadly, though it was rainy/cloudy until 4 or 5 PM, it's not rainy anymore. :(

21/9/2022 9:13 AM - 1) I think I may have gone a little overboard with the hairspray on my bangs this morning. (I put hairspray on my bangs because otherwise they fall out.) But on the other hand, they have yet to fall out, so maybe I actually put in a good amount. In other news, I've been listening to the same song on repeat for the past 45 minutes or so - Good Life by Tiffany from Girls' Generation and Henry from Super Junior-M. (The same song that was my song of the day on the blog post yesterday.)

21/9/2022 3:16 PM - I just read through my COVID journal from 2020, and 1) it's weird seeing how I referred to myself back then, because I thought I was a gay boy and not a straight girl, and 2) I shook my head disapprovingly at so many parts, because ya girl made so many bad choices back then. Seriously, what was I thinking?

22/9/2022 11:07 AM - My hair is so cool today. Ya girl looks! (Is that a proper sentence?)

22/9/2022 3:11 PM - We just listened to psychedelic rock in my history of rock n roll class, and now I want to perform an exorcism and go read the Bible. Seriously, that was genuinely scary.

22/9/2022 8:40 PM - Where are all the kind, sweet, romantic, cute guys my age and why aren't any of them in Missouri?

23/9/2022 4:22 PM - I think I forgot how nice it is to just curl up on the couch and browse the Web!

26/9/2022 2:21 PM - I'm sitting in the student lounge using some random MacBook charger someone left out. Can computers get hand-foot-mouth?

27/9/2022 9:55 PM - I really wish I had more free time, especially to work on this Web site! Now I know what they meant when they said junior year is your hardest year. At least my parents let me have a study hall this year! Or rather, when I dropped Publications for a study hall they didn't raise much protest.

29/9/2022 8:33 PM - And at last, my most pressing responsibilities for this week are done! God willing, I won't have much weekend homework (seriously, the point of the weekend is to relax and unwind! Weekend homework is so idiotic.) and I can relax and unwind! Next week's a four-day week for teacher to write comments, so there's that. I'm tired though, because I have so much crap to do!

30/9/2022 5:19 PM - For a second, my Intel MacBook Air's fan was so quiet that you could barely hear it... but alas, that's over. Seriously, probably my one complaint with this computer (I haven't even had any problems whatsoever with the butterfly keyboard!) is that the heating must be kinda crappy because the fan is almost always on. What's with that?

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