Here are my random thoughts from August 2022.

9/8/2022 3:45 PM - I found my old glasses the other day, which I hot when I was 7 and used until I was like 10, and holy HECK, is my prescription from then weaker than the one I have now! Like wow!

9/8/2022 4:46 PM - I feel like my voice is really weird. Like I've been trying to do voice training for a little bit now and I don't think it's really masculine, just weird. It reminds me of this secretary that was at the dentist's office yesterday, who sounded vaguely like Mabel from Gravity Falls, or whoever that actress played on Bob's Burgers.

10/8/2022 5:46 PM - Voice insecurities again! I feel like my voice isn't feminine enough, ugh. I hate that.

11/8/2022 8:33 AM - Ugh, we don't have any good cereal. We have a bunch of half-rate store brands, and none of them are even that good. I guess I'll just have some saltine crackers or something.

11/8/2022 10:09 AM - I feel like I had something that I meant to do today that I forgot. Oh well.

11/8/2022 11:28 AM - Can y'all see this? I think Neocities is screwed up or something because my updates don't seem to be pushing out.

14/8/2022 8:45 PM - I love garlic bread so much!

15/8/2022 3:43 PM - One of my favourite things is when I'm eating chocolate ice cream and I get to the part when it's kind of creamy!

18/8/2022 11:27 AM - I'm at school and my psychology class was supposed to start at 11:15 and it's IS which I think is independent study? And the classroom where it's supposed to be is empty and I'm waiting outside but I'm the only one waiting? I'm honestly scared and confused, and honestly shivering a bit since it's pretty cool sitting on the floor. Maybe there was a scheduling conflict? I sent the teacher an e-mail message so I'll just see if she responds soon. God willing, she will!

18/8/2022 11:45 AM - So I couldn't find the teacher at all, and she still hasn't responded to my e-mail, plus, the middle school principal (I'm in high school, but it's a prek-12th grade school all in one big building) tried to help me look but couldn't find her. Also, apparently IS is (woah, that's weird) independent study. Good heavens. I guess I'll just try to work on my site until she shows up, though class is only supposed to be another ten minutes or so.

19/8/2022 1:22 PM - Man, I could really go for some chicken and dumplings right now.

21/8/2022 7:19 PM - I love fresh French bread!

21/8/2022 8:18 PM - Do you ever just listen to one of your old favourite songs that you haven't listened to in ages and forget how amazing it is? Because that just happened to me with the song Milky Way by BoA.

22/8/2022 11:37 AM - Q: What do you call a devout ape? A: A monk-ey!

24/8/2022 9:41 AM - I feel like my iPod's shuffle (and the shuffle on iTunes and my iPhone, too) must have some sort of bias against Verivery because I have about the same amount of Girls' Generation songs and Verivery songs on my favourite playlist but I hear way more Girls' Generation compared to Verivery. What's up with that?

24/8/2022 2:29 PM - So I'm in Study Hall right now and I really have to cough but I've already coughed multiple times and I feel guilty for disrupting other people by coughing so I might go to the bathroom just to cough.

28/8/2022 8:08 PM - I'm sick of school. I have to summarize an academic article after getting back from a very tiring school retreat. I don't want to do this.

29/8/2022 7:12 PM - Why does it keep saying it's going to rain and then not raining? It barely sprinkled today and it thundered yesterday but didn't rain. Ugh!

30/8/2022 9:18 PM - This is less of a thought and more of a little thing I need to share. So a little earlier, I was in front of the Best Buy dancing to Catch Me If You Can by Girls' Generation, and this skater guy who looked 20 or so just shouted (in a very manly voice!) "I love your dancing!" and I shouted back "oh thanks!" and he just shouted back "fuck yeah!". So yeah, that was fun! Ya girl is starved for compliments from guys, so that kind of made my evening.

31/8/2022 3:18 PM - Why did I choose to take AP Calculus?

31/8/2022 9:03 PM - It's really odd seeing the divide of straight trans people who identify with the LGBT community and those who don't. I tend to fall into the latter camp myself, but know some of the former, partially through a Discord server I'm in.

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