So by now I'm sure that I have a cold. I did end up managing to to the writing I needed to do, but I'm in school in-person right now (my school has been in-person with social distancing most of the school year) even though it snowed a few centimentres. For once can the city be less proactive with their snow ploughing? I am not in the mood to be at school right now but oh well, I guess.

Once again I say: ugh. I'm pretty sure I have a cold, so that's lovely. But aside from that the only thing really happening is that I have to somehow write most of a page of an essay about the Ramayana today which is going to be a little dreadful.


iCloud drive acted up on me this morning, so I had to resync it, which it's doing right now. ugh.

I am having a DAY so far. Some of my messages randomly aren't sending and also, I'm at school but I forgot my headphones at home so I can't watch YouTube or listen to music in class. >:( ugh.

some opinions on mario characters bc i can:

  • mario - meh
  • luigi - hell yeah!
  • peach - peach stans the lgbt+ community and stans femboys too

damn i love neocities and also i love being a femboy

Why do I keep forgetting to charge my phone when I go to bed? I always have to charge it up in the morning before I go to school now. >:(

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