grr i just want some cute skirts and dresses and hoodies is that too much for a femboy to ask? :/

Happy almost Valentine's day! I want a boyfriend :(

So this morning you might've noticed that I added pages to the blog, which I did so I don't end up with like 53 posts on one page. I've also been watching a lot of unsolved mysteries/internet mysteries on YouTube, because they've been super interesting to me recently. It's a bit odd that I like them so much, since I've never been one for horror/creepy things, but they're just so... interesting??? Anyways I'm gonna go watch some more and do some writing, so ttyl!

Finally, a four day weekend! I've been needing a break for a while, plus the lack of a snow day really exacerbated it. Anyways, four day weekend!

So I woke up to see that I passed 10,000 views overnight -- thank you so much!! I love you all. But now on to the main content of this post.

So right before I woke up I had a dream that I got back with my ex boyfriend. ew.

So I've been doing a ton of writing today! I haven't shared any of my writing yet but I might someday! Anyways I have a super cool idea that I'm pretty excited to write! Also, I recently revamped the site in case you didn't notice, so basically what I did is I made all the text pretty and justified, plus I got rid of the navbar on the top and made it a sidebar, plus some other various changes around the site. But yeah, I think that this new version of the site is super cool and I hope that you all do too!

femboy/trans solidarity >>>>>>>

why does school have to have so much work ugh

Last night it also snowed quite a bit, and the public schools around me all closed, yet for some unknown idiotic reason, my school is still open. PLUS I have an algebra test today and I still have a cold. At this point I kind of think that my school just wants us students to suffer and nothing else. D:

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