Yo this is the 2000th update to this site!

1999 updates, this is the 2000th!

So today I found out that my winter holiday isn't for about another month and a few days. :( So I'll have to deal with almost-nonstop school longer than I thought I would have to. THankfully though, a couple weeks from now I get two Fridays off! Also, since last night I've been rereading this fic on Wattpad (it's not a fanfic) I read a few years ago called Baked Love, and it's actually pretty good, which is certainly surprising for something on the infamous Wattpad platform. Anyways, I'm gonna go do some reading and writing, so talk to you later!

I want a Subway sandwich so much right now. Also I love Sprite omg. Also, I listened to Oops!... I Did It Again and Britney (the albums) by Britney Spears today, and they're so amazing! Also, Minchan wrote a letter on the fancafe! I hope he gets better soon!

Also, as a sidenote, I hate that you have to type in a specific code in your HTML editor to get accents or some special characters to display on your web page. I just want to have some French on my website but I have to constantly search to see what code corresponds with which character!

Finally, I've been doing some more writing today, and I really think it'd be super cool to make a page on this site with some of my writing! I've also been thinking about extracurriculars recently, despite the fact that my school doesn't really have any this year (for obvious reasons), but still, I hope there's some sort of writing club or something next year!

I do not want to go back to school. Thankfully spring break is only a couple weeks away! But yeah, I'm really tired of school at this point. Also, I want to bake some French bread and some oven-roasted potato wedges, both of those are so delicious!

So I had a physics test today (ugh), but thankfully, most of us got confused on one question so the teacher said we don't have to do it! :)

Also, I'm working on a music page and an album review!

i want boyfriend

BUT anyways I have to finish up my essay but I'm too bored ugh. Also my history class today talked about job automation/AI and that kind of stuff and I kind of want to make an article talking about it but I have a bit too much to procrastinate on right now, so I might do that tomorrow or some time else!

I have a late start day! So, with all luck, my essay due date will be pushed back to Monday!

I have a snow day! The final draft of my essay is due tomorrow, so I'm going to work on that, plus I have a philosophy project that I have to finish, but other than that, I don't have anything that I really need to do today!

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