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why does school have to have so much work ugh

Last night it also snowed quite a bit, and the public schools around me all closed, yet for some unknown idiotic reason, my school is still open. PLUS I have an algebra test today and I still have a cold. At this point I kind of think that my school just wants us students to suffer and nothing else. D:

So by now I'm sure that I have a cold. I did end up managing to to the writing I needed to do, but I'm in school in-person right now (my school has been in-person with social distancing most of the school year) even though it snowed a few centimentres. For once can the city be less proactive with their snow ploughing? I am not in the mood to be at school right now but oh well, I guess.

Once again I say: ugh. I'm pretty sure I have a cold, so that's lovely. But aside from that the only thing really happening is that I have to somehow write most of a page of an essay about the Ramayana today which is going to be a little dreadful.


iCloud drive acted up on me this morning, so I had to resync it, which it's doing right now. ugh.

I am having a DAY so far. Some of my messages randomly aren't sending and also, I'm at school but I forgot my headphones at home so I can't watch YouTube or listen to music in class. >:( ugh.

some opinions on mario characters bc i can:

  • mario - meh
  • luigi - hell yeah!
  • peach - peach stans the lgbt+ community and stans femboys too

damn i love neocities and also i love being a femboy

Why do I keep forgetting to charge my phone when I go to bed? I always have to charge it up in the morning before I go to school now. >:(

it's been rainy and cloudy all day where I live! so naturally I'm super happy since I love rainy and cloudy weather! I'm not a huge fan of sunny weather and rainy weather especially makes me feel happy all day!

i wanna boyfriendddddd

I'm in physics class and my teacher is talking about how much distance there should be between drivers on the road wtf is happening

It's really 10:24 PM and I'm really watching Designing Women instead of doing my English reading. I love life.

Does anyone else get sad seeing all the neocities sites that people don't use anymore? I see sites like mt moonview or others that haven't been updated in ages, and it just makes me really sad for some reason.

lmaooo i'm in algebra class pretending to work ughhhh

ugh i'm so tired of school anyways have this lighthouse I copy pasted from the Wiby website, which y'all should go check out rn!

         .n.                     |      
        /___\          _.---.  \ _ /    
        [|||]         (_._ ) )--;_) =-  
       [_____]          '---'.__,' \    
        }-=-{                    |      
        |-" |                           
        |.-"|                p          
 ~^=~^~-|_.-|~^-~^~ ~^~ -^~^~|\ ~^-~^~- 
 ^   .=.| _.|__  ^       ~  /| \        
  ~ /:. \" _|_/\    ~      /_|__\  ^
.-/::.  |   |""|-._    ^   ~~~~         
`===-'-----'""`  '-.              ~   
  jgs               __.-'      ^          


Hey and welcome to this blog! I'll try and update this periodically, but I don't really know what to put here rn so for now just check out the rest of my site!

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