Song of the day: AVByte - Procrastination

So that was a tiring last day of the week! I had my psych test today, and I'm pretty nervous, because there were a couple of questions where I wasn't really sure. But it wasn't that bad, I suppose. I also totally forgot about a French assignment today, and had to do it during Community Focus, but that also wasn't a big thing. And I also didn't do my test corrections for calculus, because I already had a 96, but it turns out that doing the corrections was required for a homework grade, so I had to go in and do those. But other than that, it wasn't too bad.

In fact, there was a lot of good today. Lunch today was Bosco sticks - my all-time favourite school lunch! I think I mentioned them in my opinions page, under school lunches, but if you don't know, they're these breadstick-type things filled with melty mozzarella and my school serves them with marinara sauce and they're SO DELICIOUS! Ahem. Anyways, they also had "cheese curds", which made me think we were in Wisconsin and not Missouri, and were basically mozzarella sticks masquerading as tater tots, so they were pretty good. The pudding was a little odd, though.

And though he seemed rather irate, my chemistry teacher was half able to refrain from yelling at us today! I wonder how my parents will react to him at parent-teacher conferences, which are two weeks from today, which is probably why we're having all these exams, (speaking of, I have another test, in Latin) because grades and comments are due next Friday. I just asked my mum what she thinks of Dear Eternal Chemist, and she says she's "neutral, but skeptical", because she tried not to be negative, which is a good philosophy, I guess. But I hope that some parents will chew this dude out.

Also, I got a little creeped out on my walk yesterday because I thought some old dude was following me, but he wasn't.

Anyways, that's all for this post because Iam going to go eat some chicken alfredo! Bye!

Song of the day: AVByte - Procrastination

Who has a mediocre Web site and got a 96 on her calculus exam? That's right, this girl! I was convinced that I got a B at most, and thought that our teacher was going to take the rest of the week to grade them, but she got it done quicker than I thought, and I somehow got a 96! I guess cramming really does pay off, eh? Suck it, psych textbook with a load of evidence to the contrary!

But alas, that's not the end of my tests for now. I suppose that since it's just about the end of first quarter, the teachers are testing us so they can have the grades to go on our mid-semester progress reports. Thankfully, I believe I have all As, so yeah. Do they have mid-semester progress reports at all y'all's schools? I don't know if it's a universal thing. Basically, at my school, each class has a copy-paste paragraph about what that class is doing, and then the teacher has personal comments on each student's progress report. They generally aren't too exciting or special.

I do, however, remember one time in ninth grade (which I think actually would've been after I started working on this site, so maybe I ranted about it in one of my early blog posts?) when my physics teacher, who was... not the best physics teacher, shall we say, called me out for not paying attention when I was like the only one he called out? And seriously, if he doesn't teach, I don't get why he expected to be engaged when we did nothing valuable and had to teach ourselves the material. But that's Lizzie's physics rant over.

And speaking of science, do all y'all remember my military dictator chem teacher about whom I complain constantly? Well, he also teaches a mock trial class that my girl best friend is in (my gay best friend was, but he dropped it like a hot potato), and because he's him, students started dropping like flies. And then ereyesterday (fancy speak for the other day), there was a big drama because these two students were going to drop it, and went to the principal (who I don't hate anymore) on Friday

But she said that since she would be gone yesterday and Monday and was going to "have a talk" with the teacher when she got back today, they shouldn't tell the Supreme Leader of Chemistry, and should say that they were doing something for the administration as their excuse. Despite this excuse, the dictator perpetuo hunted this poor girl down and lectured her about "integrity". Seriously, what's with him? But yeah, his mock trial class, as of today, is no longer! I hope he stops teaching here, because he is not a good teacher.

Anyways, speaking of my best friends, I came out as trans to my guy best friend and my girl best friend! I have yet to tell my gay best friend though, but oh well.

Anyways, that's all for this post because I have to go study (again). Pray for me. Ta-ta!

Song of the day: Debbie Gibson - Another Brick Falls

So guess whose habit of procrastination has caused her unnecessary stress once again? That's right, it's me! (Yayyyyy...) So I have my first AP Calculus test tomorrow, and my dumbass left properly studying until the day before! I wish I'd had more time over the weekend, but the only free time I had was the evenings, one of which I spent doing psych notes. But I wish I wouldd've started before! I mean, technically I guess one could say I studied yesterday, because I went over to my guy best friend's house, where we did some quiz corrections and some other problems that were assigned, but still, I would've done more.

But yeah. Speaking of my fun little afternoon with my friend yesterday, it was fun! I went over to his house and we had breakfast burritos that his mum made for lunch, though I dropped mine on the floor. But anyways, we got done studying pretty quickly, and so we chatted for a while, and I had tea and cake with him and one of his siblings! We chatted for a while longer and I showed him me badly performing the choreo to Into The New World by Girls' Generation, and then I went home. So yeah.

Anyways, that's all for this post because I have to go study. Pray for me. Ta-ta!

Song of the day: Kelsea Ballerini - Subject to Change

So my aunt (the same one who smuggled Kinder Surprise Eggs into the US for me) and cousin visited from Colorado today! They showed up around noon, and we chatted for a while, swapping news and all of that. Apparently, despite the literal anchor my grandparents put on their porch swing to keep it from being tipped over by my youngest cousin (who's just turned 4 this year), he still managed to do it, and in a surprisingly intelligent way, too. He made sure to get out of the way, way down the hill, and placed the anchor in a bucket so it wouldn't be lost. And I thought his older siblings were rambunctious at his age! But yeah, we then lunched at Panchero's, my favourite restaurant, and stuffed our faces with Mexican food.

We then went to a local park, and chatted some more whilst looking at the nature and the fish in the pond, and then went home and chatted a while longer before they left. They got my mother some model horses, and we got my cousin some Star Wars goodies (I was the only one present who didn't like Star Wars and Marvel) and I believe we got my aunt a book. Anyways, on my walk today, this cat followed me for a little while before sitting absolutely still. It was rather weird.

Anyways, that's all for tonight. Until later!

Song of the day: ILY:1 - Azalea

So I know I'm normally a blog post every other day type of gal, but I'm sitting in the student lounge right now with nothing to do (I mean, I have homework that I could be doing, but I'm tired and it's Friday and I'm not in the mood, so I'm just chillin' with some folks in here) so I felt like blogging. I got that calculus quiz back today, and somehow didn't flunk it! I mean, I only got a 72, and that's with the extra 8% she gave us because she asked us something or other about difference of cubes that she ended up thinking we wouldn't know, but still, I felt totally effed and I passed, at least!

Apparently, some friend of mine got chewed out during chem, and then I had to make a presentation during AP Lang. Another group member did pretty much all the talking, though, so none of us really got any talking in. I mean, she was the one who compiled the PowerPoint, so it does kind of make sense, though I did a good amount of working on the paragraphs we had to write and stuff.

Anyways, the rest of the day was boring for the most part, except for a part of French class when my gay best friend and I poked fun at Quebecois French, specifically its pronunciation, which is just so weird compared to normal French? But yeah. I think I'm just going to go home and veg out for a while, and maybe write a little later on? I'm thinking of starting to write again, but I also don't know if I'll have enough time. I mean, my site is basically my only passion project at the second, and I don't have a lot of time where I have both the time and the motivation. But oh well, we'll see where this goes!

Anyways, school's almost over, so I'm gonna go now. Toodles!

Song of the day: Girls' Generation - Paper Plane

So something odd happened yesterday during my French class. I don't think it's exactly prudent to talk about it on-line, but lets' just say it wasn't the most flattering thing. Anyways, we had one of the two cool subs in calculus yesterday (the one who talks with us about books sometimes, and recently, gossips with us about my coo-coo military dictator chem teacher), and she strongly insinuated that we should report a "certain teacher" to the admins, and all of that, which was genuinely kinda fun, since we were all looking around like "oh yeah, we know who she's talking about". We then had to take an absolutely horrendous quiz, which we totally all flunked. So yeah.

Anyways, it's been extra cloudy today, which is really nice! Though sadly, it hasn't actually rained, at least that I know of. I went inside the student lounge for the first time this year today, during our break in French block. It was supposed to be five minutes, but we just kinda hung out in the lounge for a little over ten minutes. I kinda liked it and I might start taking my study halls in there occasionally! And today was picture day, so I (read: my mum) put my hair in three braids to dry overnight, and somehow, the waves ended up staying for once! And I genuinely think that my picture will be pretty good this year!

Anyways, other than that, there wasn't anything interesting today, until I went on my walk. 1) I chipped the bottom of my reusable Starbucks cup! :( And then, I was walking near a small lake and saw a goose. I tried to approach it, but it flew away! :( And then, I was walking nearby when a tiny dog that was tied to a tree started yipping at me, and I turned and started to run because I was startled (and I'm a coward) and this cute guy around my age (at least I think he was cute and around my age; mind you, I was running for my life, yelling "God bless! This is why I'm a cat person!" and making literal Catholic crosses over myself - I'm Protestant!) and his dad were walking across the street, and he started woofing at me. I mean seriously, the only time I see a cute guy my age in my neighbourhood, I humiliate myself in front of him?!? Though I guess I dodged a bullet, since if your first reaction to a lonely girl sprinting from a dog is to woof at her, then you're probably kind of a douche. And also maybe a furry, but that's neither here nor there.

Anyways, that's all that I have to talk about for this blog post, so I'll talk to y'all later. Toodles!

Song of the day: Tiffany of Girls' Generation & Henry of Super Junior-M - Good Life

So the past two days have been... not boring, per se, but on the whole, not interesting. I had five scones yesterday - apple scones - and they were great! And I spent most of my time yesterday, and for the beginning of this afternoon, suffering through homework. For some reason, my French teacher now wants us to submit homework in pen, not pencil, but I didn't do that. I hope she doesn't get mad. :/ I kinda forgot about it until I was halfway through our latest assignment, which was pretty long, so I didn't feel like changing it.

I didn't have the best luck with tests and quizzes today. On our Latin homework quizzes, we all thought we did pretty bad. I, and I assume the others, didn't study because we only had like one sentence, but we weren't confident when we actually got the quiz, and we all felt unprepared. So yeah. Then I had a History of Rock n Roll test, which no-one felt confident for either, which I got a 13/17 on. So yeah. Other than that, and another typical chem class of getting chewed out for something or other, today was pretty meh.

Anyways, that's all that I have to talk about for this blog post, so I'll talk to y'all later. Ta-ta!

Song of the day: Verivery - With Us

So today and yesterday have been pretty boring. i've pretty much just done homework. The only homework I have left is a page-ish of psych notes, and to cram for my History of Rock n Roll test. My best friends and I had planned to meet up tomorrow, but I don't know if we actually will, so I guess we'll see how it goes. Oh yeah, I think I forgot to mention that it's a three-day weekend?

But yeah. I woke up at like 4 AM this morning and it was raining and thundering and all, which was really nice! (If you're not a longtime reader of my blog, then just know that I freaking love the rain!!!) And then it rained some more in the afternoon, and I got to chillax on the floor of the parlour (that's what my family calls the second living room we have in our house for some reason) and look out the window at the rain whilst listening to With Us by Verivery. That was genuinely one of my favourite moments in a long time! It was just so nice and relaxing. Sadly, it did clear up after, though.

Also, on my walk yesterday, I wandered down an area of my neighbourhood where I've never really been before, and it was honestly a little creepy, because it was starting to get dark, and it was a dead end with a gated house at the end, and if there hadn't been a couple people there I would've been scared pantsless. And then on my walk today, I was pretty dang far from my house when suddenly, for some reason, I got a really bad stomachache, and I had to hurry home (as best as I could) to try and lay down and put some heat on it to get it to feel better. So yeah, that moment of me getting home might be the biggest moment of relief in my life. As usual, you can tell that my life is very uneventful. :/

Anyways, that's all that I have to talk about for this blog post, so I'll talk to y'all later. Ta-ta!

Song of the day: CSR - Pop? Pop!

So today has been a tiring finish to a long, tiring, and honestly bad week. I've had so much crap because of school and I've been stressed and it just hasn't been fun, to be honest. But I have a three-day weekend to recharge and all that, so at least that's pretty good. I got a 100% on my Latin vocab quiz in fourth period this morning, and we got our tests we took yesterday back - another 100%! That's like 4 100s on tests and quizzes this week alone, so I guess this week hasn't been all bad.

And then we just did some problems in calc first period (I'm skipping around), and then in our second period chem class, we went over part of the test, and it wasn't fun (as normal in my chem class), but wasn't particularly bad. We had an assembly afterwards, where the principal lectured us about the student lounge being messy (I don't even use it, so my girl best friend, who also doesn't use it, and I made snarky comments to each other the whole time). And then we just talked about some poem and some essay about it in AP Lang. Then we had pizza and oreos for lunch, which was pretty decent.

And then I had self-study psych, but I didn't get a tonne of work done, only a moderate amount, and then in French, we watched this two-minute video and talked a lot about French politics. Then, in our community engagement time, my girl best friend and I went to the auditorium and I gave amazing (in my unbiased opinion) performances of Into The New World and Gee by Girls' Generation. How did they sing those live while dancing?!? I did the ITNW choreo as best as I could since I don't know it all, only part, and I only did most of, not all, of Gee.

Anyways, then, we went to what I thought was an informational meeting about Model UN, but I think it's for people who already joined, and the leader, one of the two coolest subs in the school, thinks I'm set on joining, when it already meets in the same time as the yearbook club, which I was going to join, is going to meet, and I'm not so sure I want to join anyways, but I don't want to tell the leader that because she's the cool sub and I don't want to get on her bad side or anything. Ugh, why must I be so awkward sometimes?

Anyways, after school, there was the all-school picnic at 5:30 (school gets out at 3:30). Or at least, the picnic was supposed to start at 5:30, but somehow the food wasn't out until 6-ish. And none of my three best friends were there, nor were any of the sophomores my guy best friend hangs out with and that I'm kinda friends with, so I was just left to roam.

At one point, this big public high school (and I mean big) next to the park we were in suddenly had a football game, and I watched from behind the gate for a couple minutes with these two girls from my grade (they and the exchange student were the only ones from our grade that were there, out of sixteen), but unfortunately, no hunky football player came up to me to ask me out. Oh well, there's always next time, God willing!

Anyways, that's all that I have to talk about for this time. I'll talk to all y'all next time!

Song of the day: fromis_9 - LOVE BOMB

So yesterday on my walk, like six different dogs barked at me and this terrifying little chihuahua chased me down the street. His owner said "oh, you don't have to be scared by him" and in my head I was like "you do know he's a chihuahua, right? They're terrifying little creatures". But yeah, there's still an absolute lack of cute guys in my neighbourhood, which is very obvious when I'm on my walks. At least I got some cool photos this evening, because I went on a walk as the sun was setting again! I might put one or two in my gallery soon, so look out for that!

Anyways, by some miracle of God I haven't had a tonne of homework the past couple days, though I have had a decent amount, I guess. But what I have had is a few tests and quizzes. Yesterday, I got a calculus quiz back that I got 100% on, and then I got my psych test back that I also got 100% on! My best friend also got a 100, and as we walked out of the area where the teacher was sitting, we did heel clicks.

So school's been pretty good, except for (of course) chemistry. Last week, the teacher said that we'd have a quiz at the end of this week, but he just gave us one out of the blue yesterday and got upset when we got upset. Thankfully, it was just practice, but he gave us a test today. I was the third highest out of a class of 14 or so, and I got an 80. Only one student got an A, and probably half of the class flunked! And then he got mad at us for not studying all the time! He realizes this is an academically intensive school and we won't always have time to study everything everyday, right? He expects us to be geniuses, because apparently our school has a reputation for churning out geniuses because we're academically a level or two above average, but we still struggle just as much, just a little while ahead of other schools. Ugh!

Meanwhile, I really need to get my butt busted finding some extracurriculars! There's a club I went to last year and was meaning to go last week, but we had an assembly at the same time, and it meets again tomorrow, but we have college counseling. And I'm also meaning to join yearbook club, so I'll have to see how that goes, and if I can remember to sign up! Why do universities care so much about extracurriculars? I wonder if this Web site would count for anything. I mean, I've run it actively for almost two years, and they care a lot about committment to activities, right?

Anyways, that's all that I have to talk about for this time. I'll talk to all y'all next time!

Song of the day: SISTAR - Loving U

So I went on a walk today for the first time since last Thursday! It was pretty nice, especially since it was late in the day and the sun was starting to set. Plus, the past couple of days, it's been really nice outside, so it was lovely weather! And it was a nice little bit of exercise. I never really liked exercise, and I'm the type of girl who's very vocal about that (imagine a 2015 Tumblr girl who always talks about wearing a hoodie and sweatpants 24/7 and eating only crisps), so it's weird that I really like these walks!

And speaking of health, I'm trying to eat healthier. (Weird segue, but I'll roll with it.) But it wasn't the easiest today. I had a rather healthy breakfast, and I can't exactly choose school lunch so oh well, and I had a pretty healthy dinner and afternoon snack, but then my mother insisted on getting ice cream (it's a fundraiser for my school with a local place), and so that ruined my perfect healthy eating day. I feel like I shouldn't feel so bad about this, but I do. I mean, I can't help feeling kind of... overwight, since I have a tiny bit of a belly. And I do mean tiny, but still. I mean, my family on both sides has a history of weight problems, and I really want to be skinny. I don't know. It's honestly slightly concerning to me. I hope I don't get an eating disorder or anything.

But yeah. I volunteered at the local library book sale yesterday and even though I'm totally closeted, three people called me she!!!!!!! :D There was this sweet old couple, and another older fellow. Why is it that everyone who genders me correctly or says I look like a girl is either an older person? Honestly, I think old people are really cool. I just jive with them, you know? I don't know what's with that. But yeah, there were some really nice chocolate chip cookies for the volunteers, and I got some! They were the best cookies I've ever had. And my mother and I picked out a few books for ourselves! And I went in the hammock for a while yesterday evening, towards sunset, and listened to my iPod and read some. So yeah.

Anyways, that's all that I have to talk about for this post. I'll talk to all y'all next time!

Song of the day: Debbie Gibson - Who Loves You Baby?

So during my independent study psychology period, I was in the school library and sat in one of those modern library chairs. (Good heavens, I hope you know what I'm talking about. You know, the ones that are all sorts of weird shapes with patterened fabric?) Anyways, I was sat in kind of a weird position, with my feet up on this ottoman thingie, and somehow that faffed up my hip, and my having to run back inside yesterday as I was about to leave school to grab a textbook didn't help at all. So I've basically had to be more sedentary than a rock all day, and the couple times I have gotten up I've ended up limping pathetically across the house. So yeah.

Anyways, my school's student council results came in yesterday! Sadly, none of the people I supported for president, vice president, etc., ran, though apparently some of them were a close race. I guess the seniors' weird passive-agressiveness worked on the general student populace. At least my oldest friend ended up winning our grade's representative! Honestly, I'm kind of considering giving my best friends noms de blog at this point, for the sake of consistency, and because it's a little confusing to see "my best friend", "my other best friend", etc. Like seriously, look through some of my blog posts (shameless self-promo) and see. Maybe colours! Red, blue and pink would fit nicely, I think. Or maybe I'll start saying my girl best friend, my guy best friend and my gay best friend. I don't know.

Anyways, we also had a community engagement fair at my school yesterday, where we had to walk around and go to different booths ran by different community service organizations, including one my chem teacher (remember him?) had for his farm. My best friends and I are considering all volunteering together, and I think that it'd be really fun! So yeah. In my French class, we had a debate over vending machines in schools, and during lunch, the new transfer student from South America showed up randomly. So yeah. This school year is weird so far.

Honestly, I wish I had a boyfriend, you know? Ya girl is pretty lonely. I know I may not talk about it as much anymore as I did in the early days of my blog, but I really do. I want that classic high school boyfriend experience before it's too late, y'know? But none of the guys at school are interested me, and there are only like two guys in my grade who I'd at all consider dating. And after the long-distance relationships that I had in days of yore, I'm kind of reluctant to start another one, though for all I know I could be missing out on a bomb-dot-com guy by not wanting to do long-distance. But then I'd be missing out on that movie-like high school boyfriend experience, y'know? So yeah, ya girl wants a sweet, handsome guy to woo her off her feet, as usual. But would you really expect anything else from me?

Anyways, that's all that I have to talk about for this post. I'll talk to all y'all next time!

Song of the day: Daniel Powlter - Bad Day

Today has been a very strange day, and it still doesn't feel real. It started off bad, because I slept horribly last night, and then got off to an almost decent start after that. I had double Latin this morning, and that's when I found out that Queen Elizabeth's health was deteriorating from my teacher and my oldest friend. I won't talk about the monarchy and my feelings for it and the Queen very much because I try my best to keep politics off of my site and in general, besides a couple of newsletters for political parties that I support, I try to keep politics and my personal political views off of the Web. But yeah, it was very strange to hear, and honestly, my heart dropped a little from the pure shock. I mean, I feel like everyone, love or hate her, thought she was going to live forever.

Then, during the morning, we had student council candidates give their speeches in front of an assembly. There's a ticket of juniors running on a policy of listening to the student body when the admins don't, which made the principal grimace. Anyways, some seniors inferred in their speeches that the juniors won't be diplomatic, which is assuming a whole lot.

The rest of the morning was uneventful until my after-lunch break. I got an e-mail from a newsletter talking about the Queen's passing, and honestly, I thought it was an error until I looked at the news. I know, I said earlier I'd keep my views off the Web, but I'll just say I was pretty dang sad. And then, for some reason, some people at my school started whooping and cheering in the hallways. I mean, even if you didn't like her, show some respect? Once again, I don't want to get into politics, or show support for one side or the other, but I think it is important to show respect for life and for death. So yeah. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a good day, because today was just jarring.

But yeah, I have so much crap to do for school. Ugh! I absolutely can't stand all of this crap! I barely have free time anymore. Ugh.

Anyways, that's all that I have to talk about for today. Talk to all y'all next time!

Song of the day: Verivery - Get Ready

Well, it's back into the drudgery of school for me. I had my first chemistry test today, and got a whopping 85, so I'm going to do corrections on it for a little extra credit, which should, God willing, get me up to a 95. But yeah. When I went today after school to ask for my test back to do corrections, the teacher went on some sort of strange rant at my best friend, who was there for moral support, about some late assignment of hers. He was smiling the whole time as he told her that she wouldn't make it in the real world or something. He genuinely scares me. What's up with him?

Anyways, we're doing limits in AP Calculus! I understand them pretty well, but I think that a little more practice might not hurt. We had our first proper flashcard quiz today (the last/first one was just practice) and (the day's kind of a blur) I think I got a ten out of ten? Or maybe a nine, I'm not sure. But yeah, I did pretty well.

In AP Lang, we got some time to work on our reflective essays, which I finally understand, thank God, and got mostly done in one 45-minute half of our block! And then, in my rock n roll class, we talked about rock n roll. What specifically? I can't remember. But oh well. Anyways, I have a dentist appointment tomorrow, and it's really annoying because I have double chemistry that I don't even get to miss at all, but then I have to miss my bloody study hall, which I was kind of counting on to get some certain work done. Ugh. I guess I'll find the time somehow, but it's pretty annoying!

Anyways, recently I've been trying to take a walk around the neighbourhood listening to my iPod in order to destress and have some peaceful time. Today, I went on a vast hour-long jouarby places that I never go to, which was pretty cool, I gess, but by the end, I was dead tired from walking up and down hills and all that, and I only even saw one cute guy! So that was not only a bummer, but a total waste of my time! I wish there were more cute guys my age in my neighbourhood. But it's mostly middle-aged couples with young kids. Oh well.

Also, I found out that my new Fitbit is a bold-faced liar! It said that I woke up at 6 this morning, which I did to use the loo, but I got another thirty of forty-five minutes of sleep after that before waking up for good that it didn't record. What's with that?

Also, whilst my parents and I were at dinner tonight, I decided to go sit outside (this was where the guy complimented me on my dancing last week, and I was in around the same place), and some random guy came up to me. I thought I was going to get mugged, but he just asked where to get a prepaid SIM card. I said Walmart, and "God bless you", and he was on his way. So that was odd.

Anyways, that's all that I have to talk about for today. Talk to all y'all next time!

Song of the day: Verivery - Ring Ring Ring

It's a three day weekend! My school's weird, so instead of Friday, we have Monday off for Labour Day, so I'll get to spend the day at home doing homework! Why must teachers assign work over three day weekends? I have some notes to take for psych and an essay to get a-writin' on. I would've started them yesterday, but I hadn't slept well the night before, so I was dead tired. Ugh.

Meanwhile, at least I got a lazy day at home! I hadn't had one of those in a few weeks. The school year's only been two and a half weeks so far, but it feels like it's been going on for ages! I can't wait for Thanksgiving breakā€¦

Anyways, I'm in a car as I'm writing this and I feel like resting my eyes, so I'm gonna go. Talk to all y'all next time!

Song of the Day: Red Velvet - Red Flavour (Japanese Version)

So I started off today by trying coffee for the first time! There's a bit of a story behind it. Every Thursday, we have double Latin, and we normally get coffee during that block, though I normally don't have the coffee because I'm a tea girl. But yesterday, my oldest friend decided to make the coffee since we had a substitute (one of the cool subs at my school; she dished a little about some goings-on in my school and we talked about literature and our city's lacking excitement and that kind of stuff.)

Anyways, my friend absolutely screwed it up. Like I said, I've never had coffee before, so I don't know what was wrong with doing it, but apparently putting cold water in a French press is a big no-no. Anyways, because of that, and since we were well-behaved, she decided to bring us coffee today! I got a vanilla latté, and didn't like it. It was way too bitter for me. In my experience, coffee smells really good, but tastes like crap.

Anyways, we had an assembly today where we finally found out the clubs for this year! Apparently my French teacher's thinking of starting a French conversation club, too, which would be so cool! Anyways, the cool sub was my sub for "pride" today, which was pretty fun! We talked about literature and stuff. Anyways, I went to ask my psych teacher a single question during my independent psych period, but I didn't end up getting my question answered at all, because she decided to meet with me. I did get a lot of useful info, though. Anyways, then, for our weird new community focus thing, we had an open thing where we could do whatever. We had a little town hall on the weird new policies this year, and then, since my best friend was otherwise occupied, I sat in the hallway and worked on my Web site.

Anyways, I also put a few little videos on YouTube! You can see them below.

Anyways, that's about all that I'm going to talk about for right now. I'll talk to y'all next time!

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