Here you can find some of my writing! At various different times in my life, I've taken a great interest in different kinds of writing: at some points, I've been really into writing fiction (I even started writing a novel that I really need to finish someday, or articles, as you can see down at the bottom of this page. These days, inspired by my Common App essay for college and by a really cool site called Sean of the South, I've been really big on personal essays. Whatever the type, I'll have a bunch of my writing posted up in this section and I hope y'all enjoy it! As a side note, whilst I do stand by the points of my old "articles", I don't like the writing, but I thought I'd leave them up to show how my writings has developed, hopefully for the better! The pieces of writing below are organized by "series"/type.

Thoughts On...

The Web-Site: A Modern Self Portrait; or, Thoughts on Neocities & the Old Web - Version 2.0 of my "why Neocities?" page, where I talk about my thoughts on Neocities and how a Web-site can paint a portrait of the webmaster.
Published June ??, 2023; updated December 27, 2023

Thoughts on Jane Eyre
Coming Soon!


Pluviophilia - I decided to finally take a short delve into my relatively well-known (at least by those I know IRL) love of the rain and write a little about it.
Published December ??, 2023

Old Articles

The "Old" Web: What Have We Lost? - Here I talk briefly about what we have lost with the invention of Web 2.0 and now Web 3.0.
Published February 14, 2021

Subscription Software: Is It Worth It? - Here I touch on whether subscription software is really worth it for consumers.
Published February 17, 2021

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