Why Neocities?

If you've read my article on the Old Web vs New Web, then you'll know my thought on Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. But to summarize, I feel that Web 2.0 (and especially Web 3.0, which is apparently all that metaverse stuff) is much too commercialized. It's lost the sense of wonder, and especially the personality, that came with the days of Web 1.0. This especially rings true nowadays, when people's digital communications are almost entirely through the apps, sites and programs offered by a few major corporations. The Web has been made so impersonal. What used to be personal homepages designed entirely by the creator has become pages of Facebook and Twitter, following a rigid, formula.

But there are some corners of the Web where individualism thrives. Many people still embrace and love the Web of yesterday. The Yesterweb, if you will. And this, dear reader (wow, I just turned into Jane Eyre there) is where I feel my site fits in. I don't know why, but for a while I've held a fascination with the old Internet and its values. And so when I made this Website, I decided that I wanted it to harken back to that earlier time.

And this is where Neocities comes in. Neocities is "bringing back the fun, creativity and independence that made the web great." And this is the thing I love most about Neocities. Like Geocities, from which Neocities derives its name, it's free and accessible to everyone. And you can find a site for just about anything, which has been made, designed and maintained by independent creators. Neocities seeks to ditch the corporate, commercial Web, and I wholeheartedly support that mission. Long live the Yesterweb!

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