Verivery are my totally favourite boy band ever!!! I first became a fan of them back in 2019, towards the end of the Ring Ring Ring era, when I saw a video on YouTube called "modern songs with 90s vibes" or something of the sort by Younger Days or some other channel of that type. Anyways, being the 90s junkie that I was at the time (and kind of still am---have you seen this site?!?) I clicked on it, and by far the best-sounding (and the most authentic-sounding) was Verivery! So I looked up their Ring Ring Ring MV and loved it! I still have a vivid memory as well of getting home from my swim practice and getting the notification on my iPod touch that the From Now MV teaser was out. I also ended up getting Veri-Us and Veri-Able for my birthday in 2019! And although I took a small break from the fandom during the Lay Back era, I've been a Verrer ever since.

My original bias was Hoyoung briefly, then Gyehyeon, then Kangmin, then Yongseung, then Dongheon, and now the whole hyung line, and Yeonho and Gyehyeon are my bias wreckers. My favourite album is Liminality EP:DREAM and my favourite songs are L.O.V.E. and Tap Tap! And my favourite MV is Tap Tap or From Now. And by the way, have I mentioned Belbelland?!? I watched it back as it came out, and I think it's the single best variety show that any group has ever done---it was the focal point of my Thursday mornings! I hope we get a season 3 soon!

I'd say my favourite releases from them have generally been the bright ones---I always loved the Veri series (and Super Special, which is an honorary member) and when Tap Tap came out, an amazing, bright, pop-rock sound, it sky-rocketed itself into my heart and to the top of my iTunes most played list (right behind Ring Ring Ring and a bit behind Into The New World by SNSD, which is scary when you consider those have been in my iTunes library since 2019 and 2020, respectively, vs. 2022.) but I really like their darker songs as well! My favourite of their "darker" releases are Face Me and Series O Round 3, which I feel both have strong darker and lighter tracks, and no skips. I also, as I said earlier, love Liminality EP:DREAM to the point that it's my favourite, although I wouldn't consider it truly "dark", and I love the new musical direction of the Liminality series even more than that of the Veri series! So I am super excited to see how the series is finished!

And how could I have a page dedicated to my love of Verivery without mentioning that I got to freaking see them in concert? I saw the St. Louis stop of their 2021 US tour and it was so flipping cool! I have a full page just talking about my experience there here so you should go check that out if you're interested in hearing more. But suffice it to say it was one of my favourite nights of my life and I really hope to see them again one day!

Verivery, to me, is a group with veri-us (ha, a pun and a reference!) different concepts and sounds, all opf which they can pull off flawlessly, with a little something for everybody between their official releases and their Soundcloud songs, with a great ability to self-produce songs and music videos---they could totally self-produce a whole album if they were allowed to---and a good dynamic and an amazing sense of humour, and an undying dedication. Not many groups would have the strength to keep going for almost four years before they got their first win! That first win was, by the way, an uber-happy moment for me. Anyways, in conclusion, Verivery fighting!!!

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