Kim Yongseung - 김옹승

Yongseung is the second youngest member of VERIVERY. He's know as 'Yongbot' amongst the members because of his robot-like demeanour. His English name is Matthew. He also loves rubik's cubes and can recite the first hundred digits of pi, and also started memorizing the periodic table. He can also do the splits and started dancing when he was in the sixth grade. Speaking of his youth, when he was fourteen, he wrote a thesis on the number zero, which gained him media attention once he became an idol. To see an article reporting on the thesis, click here. Yongseung is bad at playing Jenga but can play the piano! He and Yeonho are known as the "00z", since they were both born in 2000. Yongseung was the fourth member of Verivery to be revealed.