On this page, I'm going to talk a bit about my experience at Verivery's 2021 tour! Below are some pictures from the tour with some explanations, and then an overall review of the tour!

This is from the end of All I Do. I really love seeing Verivery smile, so this was lovely since most of the members are smiling. :) This song was so amazing to see live!

Dongheon smiling after All I Do!

Again with the smiles! This is when they were performing their cover of Christmas Lights by Coldplay, which they recently released. This was so freaking amazing! Both in their video and live, they really made this song their own.

This was at the very end of Get Away. I loved seeing them perform this as 7!

This was towards the end of Ring Ring Ring. Since this was the song that introduced me to Verivery, it was really lovely to see it live! :D

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