VERIVERY 1st Tour in US - My Review!

On this page, I'm going to talk a bit about my experience at Verivery's 2021 tour! I attended the St. Louis date on the 12th of December. Below are some pictures from the tour with some explanations, and then an overall review of the tour!

This is from the end of All I Do. I really love seeing Verivery smile, so this was lovely since most of the members are smiling. :) This song was so amazing to see live!

Dongheon smiling after All I Do!

Again with the smiles! This is when they were performing their cover of Christmas Lights by Coldplay, which they had recently released. This was so freaking amazing! Both in their video and live, they really made this song their own.

This was at the very end of Get Away. I loved seeing them perform this as 7!

This was towards the end of Ring Ring Ring. Since this was the song that introduced me to Verivery, it was really lovely to see it live, especially in the new English version! :D

My general experience!

OK, so I'm only writing this part in September 2022 (all of the page before this is something I made like right after the concert) because ya girl is a master procrastinator, so my memories may be a little foggy, but this was such a great experience! I kind of wanted to camp out but 1) it was cold and 2) my parents insisted on going to this Van Gogh exhibition instead, which was pretty cool to be fair. (We were spending the whole day in St. Louis and we live a while away so I guess they wanted to do as much as possible in one day.) But yeah, I wish that I had been able to camp out and actually meet people and all that. Oh well, maybe next time!

Anyways, there was a little bit of a delay in getting inside, but it wasn't too bad. The merch booth was open before the concert, and thankfully pretty much everything was still in stock by the time I got there! (I was towards the end of the line.) I got one of everything there except the popsocket (because I don't really see the need for one) and the splatter shirt (which was out of stock by the time we got there). And then it was time to get into the crowd!

I was pretty much at the back, but since it was a pretty small concert in a pretty small venue, I was still pretty close to the stage! The excitement and the energy that I had and that we all had was freaking palpable as all get out. And then, when Lay Back started playing, we were all screaming like a bunch of children fighting over a single popsicle! And then there was Thunder (that choreo, especially live, is so amazing!) and they all introduced themselves in English!

Then came With Us, which I now forever associate with this tour. I never liked it before, because for some reason my idiotic self thought it was "boring", and honestly, at the start of the song I didn't know what song was playing, but this concert made me love With Us so much and now when I listen to it, a lot of times I just get transported back. After that came All I Do, and can I just say that Minchan performing that song live still makes me kind of giddy! And then Beautiful-X, which was great, and then Tag Tag Tag! We all screamed at the "seontaekhae" part. If you know, you know!

After that, they rolled out a big whiteboard with sticky notes on it for the Q&A section! The dance line (Dongheon, Hoyoung, Yongseung and Kangmin) answered questions first whilst the others changed, and danced a little to Photo and GBTB. (My favourite moment from this part: when asked his favourite animal, Hoyoung said a jellyfish because "I love my company!") Then, the vocal line (Minchan, Gyehyeon and Yeonho) answered their questions, and danced a little to Baby Shark and sang Let It Go. (Footage of that latter performance below.)

And then came the special stages! The dance line performed a dance cover of three songs: one that I don't think anyone knew, which involved Dongheon thrusting his hips at the audience, which caused us all to scream again; another song that I also don't know, and then My Universe by BTS and Coldplay. Then, the vocal line all performed The Climb by Miley Cyrus from the Hannah Montana Movie, which was a hit in the nostalgia for me since I had a Hannah Montana page once upon a time! Their vocals are so amazing! :D

After that came Get Away, which was so great to finally see with all 7 members! Minchan's voice fits so well into the song in my opinion! And then was Trigger, their newest title track at the time, which has such an amzing choreography! And the "battle-x" part has been stuck in my head since that song came out, so I loved seeing it live. After that, they performed their cover of Christmas Lights, which was released right before the tour, and was really amazing! I've never listened to the original, but Verivery's cover is so amazing!! It was the perfect melancholy Christmas song.

And then came the English version of Ring Ring Ring! Nobody knew the English lyrics, but we still shouted along! Ring Ring Ring was the first Verivery song I ever heard, so it was amazing to finally see it live! I love it so much.

And then came the encore! They were wearing the splatter shirts, the signature merch item of the tour, I guess. I couldn't get one at the venue, but after the last three concerts were cancelled, they sold all the extra on-line and I got one! It's my favourite t-shirt ever now. Anyways, they performed Alright! (the "Verivery yo!" part got me SO HYPED UP!) and Super Special, one of my favourite Verivery songs! And that choreography is so satisfying, and even moreso live. And the final song of the encore was Paradise! This song is really special to me, since for a long time I listened to it every night before bed, so it was so great to see live.

And that was that! Sadly, I didn't get the hi-touch, but either way, it's the best concert I've ever been to so far. I love it so much!! Verivery fighting!