Reviews - Special K Blueberry

Come one, come all, to perhaps the most pointless page I have ever put on this site: my official review of Special K cereal! Yesterday as I write this, I was in the shop with my father, and realized as we were in the bread/cereal aisle that I hadn't had any cereal in a good while! And so I picked up a box of blueberry Special K, since I love blueberries and blueberry-flavoured stuff, and I tried it this morning for breakfast. Here are my thoughts!

So right off, I liked that they included actual blueberries in it rather than just having normal cereal but blueberry flavoured, or putting it in the box but not in the real thing. The cereal part itself did taste blueberry-esque to me, though it wasn't super strong, so it was nice to have some of it in a spoonful with a blueberry to get real blueberry and a blueberry accent. My one thing, though, was that I thought the actual cereal was going to be thicker and a little crunchier, and that it'd have cinnamon or something on the outside. Also, it'd help if the blueberries were fresh, but I recognize that that's not going to happen. So in conclusion, I thought that this was quite a nice cereal. I shall definitely eat it again, and I'm not just saying that because we still have most of a bag left!

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