Which Mean Girls girl are you?
Your Result: Cady Heron
"And that's how Regina George died... No I'm totally kidding! But she did get hurt. Some girls say they saw her head go all the way around, but that's just a rumor. Some people swear they saw ME push her in front of the bus, THAT was an even worse rumour." You are Cady Heron played by Lindsay Lohan. You are generally not a mean person, but you can be when you want to be. You value friendship. You are a bright person and you are a good friend. You may care about how others view you. When you set your mind to something you have the determination to get it. You are not selfish, and you like to help your friends out where you can. You are adventurous and fun loving. Like Cady you are true friendship material.
Gretchen Weiners
Janis Ian
Karen Smith
Regina George
Which Mean Girls girl are you?