So if you didn't know, I'm a big fan of Pokemon! I remember watching the anime on TV when I was 8 or so and loving it. Eventually, a few years ago, I played my first Pokemon game, Pokemon Yellow. I never ended up finishing Pokemon Yellow (I lost my original save file), but soon after, I started playing LeafGreen, which was the first Pokemon game I've finished. Since then, I've also played through Emerald and most recently SoulSilver, and I started a Pokemon Pearl playthrough, though that ended up being put on hold. Also, after I got a Switch for Christmas of 2021, I bought Pokemon Let's Go, Eevee. Also, I really want Pokemon Violet! Firstly, because the reviews of the new games seem to generally be positive, and secondly, because purple is kinda my thing, if you hadn't noticed.

Teams (as of the most recent time I played that game):

Bobo - Zapdos, Lvl 54

Mollie - Moltres, Lvl 53

Blastoise - Blastoise, Lvl 61

Aunt Arctis - Articuno, Lvl 51

Venamomo - Venamoth, Lvl 41

Pikachu - Pikachu, Lvl 36

Ramen - Blaziken, Lvl 51

Pikablu - Azumarill, Lvl 41

Quackerz - Rayquaza, Lvl 72

Zigazigah - Zigzagoon, Lvl 3

Mushmush - Breloom, Lvl 37

Pokey - Electrode, Lvl 49

Dongheon - Espeon, Lvl 49

Victoria - Slowbro, Lvl 49

Lady Gaga - Graveler, Lvl 49

Sherbettie - Gyrados (red), Lvl 48

Luigi! - Lugia, Lvl 49

Dorothy - Ampharos, Lvl 49

Lilibet - Prinplup, Lvl 34

Sarah - Luxray, Lvl 35

Poppy - Roselia, Lvl 27

Sapphire - Staravia, Lvl 30

Vicky - Ponyta, Lvl 28

Yongseung - Misdreavus, Lvl 32

Heoni - partner Eevee, Lvl 66

Reba - Charizard, Lvl 64

Tiffany - Golduck, Lvl 64

Astolfo - Victreebel, Lvl 65

JB Fletcher - Dugtrio, Lvl 62

Barbie - Raichu, Lvl 64

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