Here are some random pet peeves of mine!

  • When you spend all day being active and all, and then you have a hard time getting to sleep that night even though you're exhausted.
  • When you're loading a Web page, and you go to click to the next page, but the page you're on is still loading and shifting around so you click the wrong thing.
  • When you find a super good game or movie or something and it doesn't have a sequel even though it was totally popular and really needed a sequel!
  • Similarly, when you find a really good TV show, and it only has a couple of seasons, or worse, only one!
  • When you turn on the radio and hear your favourite song, but there's only thirty seconds left.
  • Quizzes and tests on Mondays.
  • Actually, quizzes and tests in general.
  • When you find an old bookmarked Web site that you remember being super cool, but then you go to the address and the site isn't there anymore.
  • When the pages of a library book stick together.
  • When you get home from a big field trip on Friday and then have a tonne of weekend homework.
  • On-line textbooks. They have a way of never working correctly! As I write this, I'm in my Independent Study Psychology class and was going to take notes from the textbook, but I can't because the textbook won't work. Ugh!
  • Bad appointment scheduling! My dentist appointment is scheduled so that I miss none of my least favourite class, which I have a double period of today! But I miss almost all of my study hall. Ugh.
  • Waking up hungry in the middle of the night. I can never really tell why I do, but either way it's so annoying! And if I have a granola bar, then when I do wake up, I always have a bad taste in my mouth.
  • When I find a really cool CD, but then my CD drive doesn't work!
  • The fact that onision and incision are pronounced "oh-niz-ee-on" and "in-cis-jhun". THE ISION SHOULD BE PRONOUNCED THE SAME!
  • When I go to play The Sims 4, which I only do pretty rarely, and it tells me that in order to play, I have to download an update. Which, of course, always takes ages.
  • Whenever my parents/friends are watching something that I'm looking at on YouTube over my shoulder, I always have the weirdest, most outlandish things recommended to me by YouTube that probably make my family think I'm crazy or something.
  • Microsoft Office is both ugly and hard to get a hand of. I wish iWork was more prevalent!

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