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I feel like I'm generally pretty good at math, and have historically been, too (save for a while in sixth grade, where I had a low C in pre-algebra until my father made me get it together), but I'm pretty meh on most of it. I did generally like geometry, though, and I disliked some parts of precalculus. So it just about evens out.

School lunches

School lunches are a mixed bag at my school. I might do a full article or page or something on them one day, but for now, this shall have to suffice. Anyways, my school has a lot of really good lunches, like Bosco sticks! (I love Bosco sticks so much!! Especially cheese Bosco sticks! For those of you who don't know, they're these breadstick type things with melty cheese stuffed in, or in the case of the pepperoni ones, some sort of pepperoni-tomato-cheese sauce. The cheese ones are really great dipped in tomato sauce! I wish I could find the original brand at a shop, but I guess other brands will have to do. It's now the same, though.) My school's pizza is also pretty good, and they do the basics, like chicken nuggets, hot dogs and pasta, plus Chinese food,too, pretty well.

But there are also some real stinkers. For example, back when I used Twitter regularly, I actually tweeted a picture of my school's "cheese egg casserole" at Gordon Ramsay because it was just that horrid. Their eggs in general aren't the best, and their fried chicken is not very good at all. So yeah, the quality varies a tonne.


My physics teacher basically taught us nothing and I remember nothing we "learned" from that class, but I do remember that it was way too mathy and hard, so yeah, physics sucks as decreed by Lizzie!

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a piece of steaming cow feces, plain and simple. My school used to use this system called Powerschool, which had a few problems, but none of them were as bad as Google Classroom, which, despite Google claiming that its products are easy to use, is absolutely puzzling. You can't see all your grades in one place, and instead you have to click on each individual class and go through a bunch of options, if the teacher has the option turned on. Ugh! And it's easy to upload something to an assignment and not click the button to turn it in. Plus, unless you "mark as complete", it says an assignment's missing until the teacher grades it, which sometimes they don't do very often! I could go on, but won't, because I quite frankly have better things to do. Get your crap together, Google.

Graphing Calculators

The reason I'm not flunking math. Seriously, I don't want to have to learn how to use a sliderule! And graphing calculators are genuinely neat. If you've gone through my whole site, then you'll know I really like Pokémon, and the first Pokémon game I ever played was Yellow on an emulator on my TI-84 Plus CE! (That's right, ya girl's rockin' the colour calculator!) Though I never finished it because my save somehow got wiped. I also have a couple other games on mine, like Pacman and Donkey Kong annd this cool little text adventure game called ADVENTUR (go check it out!), though unfortunately I've reached the level of math class where I actually have to pay attention. :( But yeah.

Standardized Testing

And in continuing with topical opinions, standardized tests are pretty dang stupid! But there are some good things, y'know? You get to miss out on class and homework and stuff, and it's nice to wear a hoodie to be all cozy in a drafty testing room. But anyways, I hope to do well on the ACT tomorrow! Because it's ACT Eve as I write this. Oy.

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