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New TV shows

I've found some to my liking, but most seem to be too dark and gritty for me. For example, why the heck did they reboot Fresh Prince as a gritty drama? And I've heard that that's a trend! I much prefer the shows of yesteryear that feel warm and happy, like the Golden Girls, Murder She Wrote, Designing Women, etc.

New teen TV shows

This is one of the things that I don't think I will ever get. Why do new teen TV shows seem to be so mature? They're talking about sex and drugs and murder all the time, and these are supposed to be about teens. What kind of teenagers do these writers know? Seriously, whatever happened to Blossom? That, at least in my opinion, was one of the most accurate depictions of the teen experience, even about thirty years later.

Backstreet Boys vs NSYNC

Sorry NSYNC fans, but I'm Backstreet all the way. NSYNC was basically Justin featuring some backup singers, while all the Backstreet Boys shine relatively equally in their songs. Plus, there's something to be said for the Backstreet Boys staying together for almost 30 years and still releasing new music and touring together, and even surviving one member leaving for a while. So yeah, Backstreet for life!

Dogs vs. cats

Honestly, I'm half-and-half. I feel like there's a nice balance sometimes, because dogs can be over-eager and cats can be under-eager. Whenever I go to my grandparents', who have like ten dogs (including my aunt and uncle's dogs, they live nearby and have free roam since they're in the country), a lot of them swarm around me and I feel like a celebrity trying to get away from the paparazzi. But I digress. I like the more mellow, yet still friendly dogs, and the friendlier cats, like this cat that my mother's friend used to have named Muffin, who, for quite a while was always really eager to see us when we visited! Anyways, I like both.

The Smashed Pumpkins - requested by Elliott on my guestbook!

I've never heard of them before, but I just searched them up and listened to clips of a couple of their songs. Personally, they're really not my style, but their music does seem somewhat interesting.

Psychedlic Rock

Okay, so I have a history of rock and roll class this year as my first semester elective, and as I'm writing this, we're just getting to the part where everyone starts doing all the drugs, so naturally, we'vee listened to some psychedlic rock in class. Specifically, we listened to this song "A Day In The Life" by the Beatles, and nothing against the Beatles or anything, but I think I'm scarred for life. Joking aside, not at all my thing. Maybe it's just too intense for my k-pop pallet, like how I'm so white that anything with the tiniest bit of spice makes my stomach explode and steam blow out of my ears.


Honestly, this is probably an unpopular opinion, but I really don't like 99% of poetry. Sure, there are good poems here and there, but 99% of it feels too pretentious and/or is too shrouded in metaphors and symbolism for me to appreciate and enjoy it without ripping it apart like I'm in an English class, which, at least for me, already kills a good amount of the ennjoyment in a piece of literature. In my opinion, symbolism in literature isn't a bad thing, but it shouldn't be difficult to comprehend, and it should be at least somewhat easy to decode. So yeah, I'm not a fan of most poetry.

James Herriot books

I freaking love the James Herriot books! They're the best combination of heartwarming, moving and funny, and I think that five books is just the right number so I have my fill but don't feel like he overdid it. Really, it's an absolutely amazing series and perhaps the pinnacle of autobiographies/semi-autobiographies. I recommend that literally everyone reads it! And for those wondering, my favourite animal-owner combo are (of course) Tricki Woo and Mrs. Pumphrey.

The Office

I first watched the OG British version ages ago, and always really liked it. (Big Keith's appraisal and "Gareth Keenan Investigates!" will always be comedy classics!) I especially really liked Tim and Dawn's arc! It was a lot less agonizing than Jim and Pam since it was so much shorter, and the ending to their arc in the Christmas special is enough to make me tear up. I used to be an Office UK-only type person who would die before I watched the US version, but I started watching the American version recently and I really like it! It's like comfort food. All the characters are such personalities! I might expand more on specifics eventually, but for now: I really like the US version! And Jim is very handsome. :)


I think they're really a great group! I haven't listened to a tonne of their music, but from what I've heard it's really love. Hi Ya Ya is one of my favourite summer songs! Plus, I feel like they really shine with their slower ballad/R&B-type songs, especially as 5, like "Picture of You" for example! Their harmonies and group vocals are so powerful and lovely. They're really cool! Although, I'll admit that I've only listened to some of their early music---not nearly all of it---and only a couple post-OT5 songs. But I look forward to discovering more!


I'm really not quite a fan of their music in general. I think they have huge talent and potential, but it's not used in the best way possible. I mean, "Wa Da Da"? "Up" and "We Fresh" were better, but then "Giddy" just sounds a bit too Le Sserafim for me. But then "Back To The City" is such a stellar song! (Get it? Because they're named after Kepler?) I love that song so much, and it shows me they have such beautiful potential if only their company would use it. To their company: please give them more songs like BTTC!!! (Also, side note---I think a galactic concept with a dreamy/retro sound would be such a cool concept for them and would fit with the whole space thing as well!)

Live Albums

OK, this is something that I don't really get. I feel like it's halfway between a normal album and a concert film, but it's kind of the worst of both world in some aspects. You don't get the visual aspect of going to a concert, which is the main thing about concerts in my opinion, and so it's harder to get the energy or feel like it's there. I admit that they can be fun to listen to, but it feels like the kind of album I'd only listen to once or twice and so I really don't want to spend money on one. My reaction whenever I come across a live album in a store is often literally "I have these songs at home" or some variant thereof. The only group I might buy a live album for is Verivery, but then Verivery could put out a line of Verivery-branded makeup removal wipes and there'd be a non-zero chance of me buying it. So I concede their merit somewhat, but I don't feel like they're really worth the money in general.

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