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One of the most ghastly fast food restaurants which is somehow still popular. Seriously, I went there once and their mozzarella sticks were okay (but can you really ruin those?), but the fish and chips were just weird, especially the fish and chips. The chips were mediocre and the fish had a bad taste and aftertaste, from what I'm pretty sure was the batter they cooked it in. Not a pleasant experience.


Honestly underrated! Now I can have a cold sweet treat that tastes good without feeling like shite because I ate a whole mug of ice cream, though of course I still have ice cream sometimes because it's yummy as crap. A word of advice, though: don't try to do DIY at home froyo, because I did and it ended badly. And especially don't forget about it and leave it in the freezer overnight, because then it will freakin' crystalize. Totally not speaking from experience.

Coffee - requested by Grey on my guestbook!

Honestly, I haven't really had much coffee in my life. I'm generally more of a tea person. However, I've heard of a coffee shop in my city that makes really smooth coffee rather than the normal bitter stuff, so I'll have to try that and get back to you.

Updated 2/9/2022 - I had coffee for the first time today! I had a vanilla latté, which the Web recommended to me as a good beginner type coffee. Overall, whilst coffee smells great, I think I can say that I don't like the taste of it at all. It's too bitter for me personally, though again, I guess I'll have to try that smoother coffee shop.


I'm more of a sandwich person than a salad person. Though, to be fair, I think that that's because I haven't really experimented with dressings, which would probably make the salads better. Also, spinach's texture kind of weird me out sometimes unless it's wet? I don't know. Anyways, I kind of want salad now.

Chinese Food

I love Chinese food, you know that it's true I really like Chinese food! When I was little, my mother took me to the little old lady lunches at our old condo and one time we went to this local Chinese restaurant. I had one bite of sweet 'n' sour chicken and then refused to eat Chinese food whatsoever for the next decade of my life. But then suddenly one day, I started eating orange chicken and fried rice when my school had it for lunch, and then I would have a little of my parents' Chinese food when they got takeout, and now I totally love Chinese food!

My favourites are lo mein, (I LOVE LO MEIN!!!!) orange chicken, beef and broccoli, and cashew chicken, and I also really like fried rice and some other dishes that I can't name off the top of my head. Honestly, the only Chinese food I can think of that I dislike is General Tso's chicken (it's way too spicy for me) and crab rangoon, which I just don't like for some reason. Anyways, I love Chinese food!

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