What I'm Up To Right Now!

Inspired by this page by Derek Sivers

I'm currently chillaxing on spring break! I still have to do a little schoolwork, but for the most part I'm pretty relaxed!

I'm playing Cookie Clicker a lot recently, for the first time in a while! I especially like the stock market minigame. It's really nice to just check back now and then, but mostly set it and forget it, and to just drop in when I have time!

Playing a little Minecraft! Minecraft is one of those games that I don't play too often, but occasionally get a hankering to play that lasts for a week or two. This time, I've created a little world in Beta 1.6, then upgraded it to 1.19 and I'm exploring around and trying to build a house with a cool basement! I had a nice place, but the elder guardian of a nearby ocean monument (there are two (!) nearby my little spawn area in an iceberg biome) totally jumpscared me (I yelped!) and so I had to move.

Thinking about getting bangs! I think they'd look cute, help me pass better and just generally be a nice change-up to a hairstyle that's mostly the same as it was the better part of a decade ago, just way longer.