Album Review - Veri-Us by Verivery (2019)

So in celebration of Verivery's upcoming comeback on Tuesday, March 2nd with "Get Away", I thought I'd go back to the beginning and review their debut EP/mini-album, Veri-Us, which was released in 2019.

  1. Ring Ring Ring - This was the title track for this album, and it is heavenly. The song itself as well as much of the music video (including the outfits, set, etc) simply ooze 90s aesthetic, which makes me a very happy person. It was such a cool concept to debut on and this song never gets old. This is, in my opinion, the strongest debut of any kpop group that I've ever seen or heard of. Finding this song's MV on YouTube through a compilation of songs with 90s vibes was actually how I discovered Verivery, so it's super special to me!

  2. Flower - From the opening notes, Flower is a super sweet song! It's so amazing and catchy, and just like Ring Ring Ring, it injects what can best be described as pure happiness into my brain. So many people, myself included, have underrated this song, which is honestly a huge shame because it's so amazing!

  3. F.I.L. - This song is quite a bit quieter than the previous 2, and I don't know if it exactly qualifies as a ballad, but it gives me ballad-esque vibes. Verivery pull off this kind of song super well, and this is just generally a really good song!

  4. Alright! - This song gives me super playful, fun vibes, and it's definitely very danceable and can always hype me up!

  5. Super Special (Acoustic Version) - For those of you who don't know, Super Special was Verivery's pre-debut song, and the theme song for their first reality show NOW Verivery. The acoustic version is much slower and quieter, and it actually fits super well, and is such a great album closer!