Hey and welcome to my review of Out of the Blue by Debbie Gibson! As of when I'm writing this (August 2021), this is the newest addition to my long-running CD collection, and I really love this album, so I'm excited to review it!

  1. Out of the Blue - What can I say? This is one of the best album openers of all time, and so far I have yet to tire of it. Both the song and the music video are amazing! (I really want her style from the video!)

  2. Staying Together - A pretty strong second track. The opening monologue is engrained in my mind by now (never mind that I've only had the album a week or two)! Overall, pretty catchy, and a generally good song, but nothing to write home about.

  3. Only In My Dreams - I still remember the first time I saw this video on MTV Classic. It was so-so at first in my opinion, but as I listened to the song more and more, it really grew on me!

  4. Foolish Beat - This song basically screams "80S BALLAD!" and that's really not a bad thing. This is the only "real" ballad on the album, and honestly I would've liked to see one or two more included.

  5. Red Hot - Honestly, this wasn't my favourite at first, but it's leaped recently, and now it might well be my favourite track on the album! It has perhaps the catchiest chorus, and it's a top-tier track. Honestly, I really feel that this and Wake Up to Love could've been singles!

  6. Wake Up To Love - Either this or Out of the Blue was the first song that I ever heard off this album. Like I mentioned before, I feel that this track should've been a single.

  7. Shake Your Love - This is a really catchy song! I still feel like WU2L would've made a bit of a better single choice, though. I especially love the "shake it, your love" part.

  8. Fallen Angel - The beginning is super cool, and does a good job of internaly hyping me up! This is a really catchy song and I feel like it'd be really great performed live!

  9. Play the Field - This isn't a bad song, but it's not that exciting either. It's probably my least favourite song off this album.

  10. Between the Lines - The lyrics aren't perfectly crafted, but I love the instrumental and melody so much it partially makes up for it.

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