Album Review - Liminality - EP:LOVE by Verivery (2022)

Almost a week ago as of me writing this, Verivery released their new single, Liminality - EP:LOVE, and I LOVE IT!! Let me elaborate:

  1. Tap Tap - For those of y'all who didn't know, I'm an OG fan of Verivery, since March 2019. Of course, as you can see by my reviews, I love all their music, but I've always wanted them to eventually do another bright/happy concept, and three years later, I finally got my wish, and it did not disappoint! I absolutely love this song so much!!! Minchan's parts in this song really shine for me, and Hoyoung really stands out here. And I absolutely love the band concept in the video! That reminds me: I wonder what a remix with a late 00s pop-rock sound would be like? Anyways, I love this song so much!

  2. Motive - This sounds like a typical recent Verivery b-side on the next level! I didn't take instantly to it, but it's very sonically interesting, and I like just listening to it and figuring out all the different threads of what's going on. It's really cool!

PS: I still wish Crack It was on this album, but oh well. Anyways, I love this single!