Album Review - Liminality - EP:DREAM by Verivery (2023)

Verivery recently released their 7th (time flies!!!) mini-album, Liminality - EP:DREAM, and, once again, I love it!! So I decided to review it for all y'all. Let's go!

  1. Crazy Like That - This is really low-key for a title track, but I really like it! Highlights: Kangmin's high note in his "슴소리가 feel alive" line, rapline vocals (!!!), the instrumental (especially in the beginning), some of the English parts of the lyrics for some reason, the MV and the wicked choreography!! This is such a cool, somewhat relaxing song, despite being upbeat, and it's nice for summer.

  2. Juicy Juicy - This is not only a song that's "nice for summer", this is a "summer song" (tm)! This is very much something to listen to on a summer night whilst eating a slice of watermelon. It's a nice, fun listen and I really, really like it! It's one that just makes me happy whenever I listen to it, especially the "let me know girl" refrain at the end.

  3. Raincoat - Starting off, the "la la la" at the beginning reminds me of H.O.T., as does the chorus---an automatic point in Verivery's favour! It's one of my favourite ballads that Verivery have ever made! Everything about makes it a relaxing, sweet song, and Yeonho's adlibs are the cherry on top. This is probably my favourite song off the EP, though Juicy Juicy is close!

  4. Smile With You ( ) - Rather remeniscent of Fine---and that's not a bad thing! I hope to see Verivery do more of this type of song in the future, although I still really love their quieter ballads as well. Side note: whenever I hear the opening couple of notes I think for a second that I'm listening to Sailing by Girls' Generation.

In conclusion, this is up there with Veri-Us and Veri-Able as one of my top three Verivery albums---I really love it! Every song is not only really good, but great, which is a rare accolade in my opinion.

PS: The thank you next sounds so cool! Although the first two seconds had me apprehensive, the rest sounds like it's going to be great! I really love the direction, both sonically/musically and conceptually, of this series and I'm so excited to see where our boys go next!