Album Review - Girls' Generation by Girls' Generation (2007)

This year (2022 as I'm writing this) will be Girls' Generation's 15th debut anniversary, so I thought that I'd take some time to go back to where it all started: their debut album, Girls' Generation, released in 2007.

  1. Girls' Generation - This is a cover of an older song that some guy made back in the 80s, I believe, but Girls' Generation really took it and made it their own. This is the type of song that can always raise my spirits when I'm feeling down. The music video is also stellar!

  2. Ooh-La-La - This is a really funky little ditty, and I love it! The vocals are (as usual) really lovely to listen to and the instrumental is just so intoxicating for some reason. Honestly, I love the intrumental of this song as much, if not more, than the vocals, not to discount the girls' vocals, of course, but the producers just did such a great job with this! Also, I love the intro; "the clouds are smiling" makes me smile everytime I hear it.

  3. Baby Baby - I remember getting this song totally stuck in my head once when I was at the dentist's. This is just such a great song, and it's calm but upbeat and happy, a niche of music that I absolutely adore.

  4. Complete - This is a nice, slower ballad, that is just such a sweet song. It has such a lovely, calming energy! I always love the "You're always in my heart" in the background during the second verse. :)

  5. Kissing You - Once again, a lovely, calm yet upbeat and happy song, even moreso than Baby Baby. This song is so catchy, as well! Kudos to the writers for making something that often sneaks its way back into my head. And of course I can't forget the music video, which has one of my favourite aesthetics of any music video I've ever seen.

  6. Merry-Go-Round - This is probably either my second favourite b-side off this album. It's rather upbeat, yet has a calming presence that I love.

  7. Tears - This is one of the slower songs on the album, and though it's not as memorable as many of the other songs on this album, it's still a nice, sweet, calm song, and I adore the "I love you" at the very end of the song.

  8. Tinkerbell - This is another song from this album in the more upbeat yet calming category. This song gives off such cute, happy vibes to me and I adore it so much!

  9. 7989 (by Taeyeon, featuring Kangta of H.O.T.) - This is another one of the less memorable songs of the album for me (it has a tonne of competition), but I still really like it, especially now that I'm considering getting into H.O.T. This is a pretty soothing song that's pretty nice to listen to.

  10. Honey - This song, like its namesake, is absolutely, positively, insanely sweet. It's nice and upbeat, and just exudes feelings of happiness in me.

  11. Into The New World - Wow. Just wow. What can you say? This is up there with ...Baby One More Time by Britney Spears and Ring Ring Ring by Verivery as one of my favourite debut songs of all time (and favourite songs of all time), and is quite possibly the most iconic, legendary, AMAZING song in k-pop history. There's a reason this is getting close to becoming the top-played song in my iTunes library! I absolutely love EVERYTHING about this song so much! And the music video is amazing as well. This song is just so amazing and I think that everybody should know it!