Hey and welcome to my review of Britney Spears's self-titled album from 2001! This album has a special meaning to me because it was tied with Backstreet Boys by the Backstreet Boys for the first CD I ever bought with my own money!

  1. I'm A Slave 4 U - This song has the most iconic dance break Britney has ever done, plus the 2001 VMAs performance. This is honestly a really good song about becoming more mature.

  2. Overprotected - For ages, this was my favourite Britney song period, and honestly it still kind of is. I'm getting to a place in my life where I can genuinely relate to a lot of this song, plus it's just so damn catchy! Personally, I love the Darkchild remix, and I prefer its video, but the album version of the song itself can't be beat. This is definitely tied for my favourite song off this album!

  3. Lonely - An amazing breakup anthem that really helped me through some tough times. Honestly, this definitely could've been a promo single!

  4. I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman - An amazing coming of age song! This is a song that I always love to listen to and sing along to, and it's tied for my favourite song from this album!

  5. Boys - This song is really solid! I personally think the remix and album version are on par, or at least would be if the remix didn't have Pharrell in it as I don't really like his verse.

  6. Anticipating - When I first bought this CD, this was my first favourite song off of it, and honestly, it's still tied for #1. It's so different for Britney, and I really love what she did with it! It's so fun to sing along to and it always makes me smile when it comes on when my iPod nano is on shuffle. It's also where I got my Twitter username from!

  7. I Love Rock 'n' Roll - A good cover of the original! I love that it sounds similar to Joan Jett's version, but it also sounds like Britney did her own thing with this song!

  8. Cinderella - Another great breakup song that also helped me through some tough times! This is tied with When I Found You and That's Where You Take Me for my favourite non-single from this album! (Anticipating was technically a single, but only in France.) This definitely could've been a single!

  9. Let Me Be - This song isn't as completely stellar or easily memorable as the others, but still a really good song!

  10. Bombastic Love - This also could've been a single! This song is so catchy and the beat, the beat is amazing! For some reason, I also love the "I, I'm here to testify" line so much!

  11. That's Where You Take Me - This is such a cute love song and it makes me smile so much! It makes me feel kinda warm and fuzzy inside when I listen to it, and is definitely in my top 5 songs from this album!

  12. When I Found You - Another cute love song! This one is so romantic and also inspiring to me for some reason. This is definitely my favourite of the deluxe edition bonus tracks!

  13. I Run Away - This song is really personal and emotional, and I can sadly relate to it a bit sometime. However, it's a really great song either way!

  14. What It's Like To Be Me - This song is great! It really helps me feel independent and confident about myself! I've also heard that Mr Ramen Hair himself Justin Timberlake did some of the background vocals on this song.

  15. Before the Goodbye - This is my second favourite bonus track! It was originally going to be the lead single before I'm A Slave 4 U was chosen, and Britney never got around to recording a bridge for this song, which is a shame as it's amazing! So instead, they just used the chorus as the bridge, but it's still an amazing song!

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