Album Review - Beginning: Page The Wind by The Wind (2023)

This is the debut EP by new k-pop boy group The Wind

  1. Sirius - This song starts out slow and then speeds up in the chorus but still seems relaxed at the same time. This is quite a nice intro to the album and a fun song ingeneral! The kind that just makes you sit back and smile when you hear it.

  2. Island - This is the brightest boy group debut single this side of VERIVERY and I love it! It really makes you see why some have nicknamed them “BFRIEND” and it’s a really fun pop rock style track that just makes you want to dance a little, you know? I especially like the chorus and the little bits throughout the pre chorus and chorus, as well as the bridge and outdo that have the effect of being sung by a large chorus. The post chorus is also really fun, and the bridge is immaculately done! And the high notes are pretty epic too.

  3. Do It - This is another relaxed yet upbeat song, that’s the embodiment of chillaxed fun on a cool summer day. I can just picture laying on a deck chair at the pool, listening to this and drinking a bid old glass of iced tea… a pretty nice song indeed! This also has the big chorus effect that seems to be a hallmark of this album, which I really like!

  4. With Us - On the one hand this seems quite Christmasy but it can still be enjoyed all year round! It’s a nice upbeat-ish ballad, which, like pop rock, is one of my favourite genres, e.g. Light Up The Sky by SNSD or Fine by VERIVERY. This is a great song with an especially nice melody! I especially love when the beat comes back in. A lovely album closer and A great song on its own! I really like the spoken pets as well, though some may term them cheesy.

Overall, this was a really solid debut EP! Island and With Us were my favourites, but the other two songs were definitely good as well. Granted, to be honest Sirius and Do It are slightly muddled up in my mind, but nonetheless all is good and I really look forward to this amazing group’s future, especially with their amazing new concept harkening back to the good old days! The Wind fighting!