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These are some links to things on the Internet that I think are cool!

Neocities - This is a free web hosting service, and what I use to host my website. It has some useful HTML tutorials,
and it's really easy to use! It's def a great alternative to sites like carrd.

James is Gay - A web page talking about how James from Pokémon is gay. Need I say more?

Vidlii - A video sharing website that is reminiscient of YouTube in the late 2000s. It's pretty small,
but it has plenty of interesting content on it already, and I might upload something there in the future!

88x31 buttons - A huge collection of 88x31 buttons, some of which I've used on
this site!

More 88x31 buttons - Even more 88x31 buttons.

Graphics - A ton of graphics!

Britney Fan Site - A cool Britney Spears fan site!

Abby Mac - A cool website talking about vintage Mac video games

A cool site with tons to see!

A super cool personal website! This is super fun to read through!

AN Lucas
A cool site with HTML tutorials, some cool graphics and more!

BMH Online!
This site has some computery stuff as well as a blog and some more cool stuff!

Bill's World
This is a super cool tribute to the web of the 90s!

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