Here are some hyper-links to some of my favourite Web sites!

Neocities - This is a free Web hosting service, and what I use to host my Web site. It has some useful HTML tutorials, and it's really easy to use! It's definitely a great alternative to crap like carrd (blech) and Squarespace.

WebGL Water - A realistic water simulator, all inside your browser! This is super fun to waste time with and just generally much around in. It does need rather decent specs, though--not anything crazy, I don't think, but don't try it on a school Chromebook or anything.

James is Gay - A Web page talking about how James from Pokemon is gay. Need I say more?

Bitview - a cool new (at least I think it's new? I don't know for sure.) Web site that's similar to 2008 YouTube. See if you can find my page on here!

88x31 buttons - A huge collection of 88x31 buttons, some of which I've used on this Web site!

More 88x31 buttons - Even more 88x31 buttons.

Graphics - A tonne of graphics!

Spork.org - Spork Central.

Abby Mac - A cool website talking about vintage Mac video games!

Us Vs Th3m games - Some games/quizzes from an old Web site called Us vs Th3m.

More Us Vs Th3m games - Some more games/quizzes from Us vs Th3m.

The Facts of Life Site - a Web site dedicated to The Facts of Life, one of my favourite shows!

Designing Women Online - A Web site dedicated to Designing Women, another one of my favourite shows.

Stories My Grandma Told Me - A Web-site with creepy stories from a rural Southern life. These are always a nice read, and I especially recommend this since as I write this, it's October!

Ted's Caving Page - A Web-site chronicling a man and his friend's journeys into a deep, mysterious cave... another, rather infamous, creepy page!

Cat therapy - A cute little site that refreshes with a new cat every four seconds!

Classic Add-Ons Archive - An archive of classic XUL add-ons for Firefox numbering (if I remember correctly) in the quintuple-digits! This is very useful for anyone using Pale Moon, Mypal, White Star, Basilisk, Waterfox or any other fork of pre-Chromesque Firefox that supports XUL extensions.

How I Experience The Web Today - An accurate depiction of the sad state of the modern Net.

Kaomoji - A Web-page full of kaomoji, or Japanese emoticons. There are a bazillion, and they're really cute!

Public Transit - A little site of pure chaos that my Transing the Internet friends and I are making together! :)

Graham Gables - The site of one of my best friends, Graham, also known as Pink on my blog. There's not a lot yet, but more is yet to come!

- One of my favourite YouTube shows ever! This is their Vimeo profile, since some of their videos were privated from YouTube for adult humour.

Check out all these rad Neocitizens!!

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