Here is a (non-complete) list of my likes and dislikes! This will be expanded regularly, so check back soon!


  • Crackers - all kinds of crackers! Goldfish crackers, saltine crackers, oyster crackers, Ritz crackers. I love Ritz crackers! I'm eating saltines as I write this. Can you tell I love crackers?
  • Reading - I don't do it a tonne (though I normally do read for a few minutes before bed), but there's something to be said for just getting lost in a book.
  • Bread - not that sad, wimpy sandwich bread from Sara Lee, but real French/Italian bread. I could just eat it forever, you know?
  • Sandwiches - I love me a good sandwich! And in fitting with my previous entry, my favourite sandwich is made on French bread, and has turkey, provalone cheese, some onion and some avocado, plus maybe some lettuce depending on how I feel.
  • My iPod & Music - I love music, and my favourite way to listen to it by far is my iPod! As you can see by the blinkie in my sidebar and my iPods page. I love just sitting back, plugging in my headphones and listening to my favourite tunes without any sort of distractions!
  • The mall - OK, I know it's a little overly consumerist, but the mall is my happy place, okay? Something about it just makes me really happy and I love going into my favourite shops to see what kind of cool stuff they have.
  • Guys - I really want a handsome sweet boyfriend I love boys so much I love men y'all


  • Sauerkraut - In my opinion, this is by far the most disgusting, revolting, horrid food known to man. My parents always insist on having it as part of our New Year's Lunch, because it's supposed to be lucky or something, and I can barely ever stomach the stuff.
  • Bro-country music - I like some country music (especially Reba McEntire), but I don't get this whole bro-country trend that's been going on for probably ten years at this point. I really don't get why people love music where guys (who all sound the same to me) talk about their pickup trucks, getting drunk and a bunch of girls half their age shaking their booties for them.

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