Besides their recent offerings, I've historically really liked Apple products, so I thought why not make a page dedicated to some of my Apple things because why not? I kind of accidentally became a semi-collector due to some gifts from family. Note that this won't include current computers or iPods, which are on this page and this page, respectively.


1998 Bondi Blue iMac G3 (!!!)

This is my first retro computer and what really kickstarted my Apple collection! I always really wanted a G3 iMac or G3 iBook (the colourful clamshell version, not the white "snow" version) and randomly one morning, my mother took me to pick up something from an auction she'd won, and ended up getting this! The keyboard and mouse are both original, and the mouse is even the widely-criticized "hockey puck" mouse! (Which, by the by, I never got the hate for.) The keyboard is (from what I can tell---I haven't tested it properly yet but the power button on the keyboard does work) working and I believe the mouse should be as well, though the iMac doesn't boot up into any OS. That either means the hard drive is totally wiped or dead, and given the age of the machine, I'd be willing to bet the latter. (Apparently that's pretty common with these machines.) And I burned a CD of Mac OS 9.2.1, and one of Mac OS 8.6, but it won't boot to the CDs, so either the CDs are both faulty (I downloaded the ISO from Winworld, so I don't think it should be) or the CD drive is also dead. Again, I'm guessing the latter, since apparently that's also common on these computers.

Anyways, it seems to work otherwise, so there's still hope, and I refuse to entirely give up on my child self's sort-of dream computer! (I mean, technically it was an iBook, not an iMac, that was my proper dream computer---though this was already into the mid-2010s, so it would've been virtually useless---but this is close enough.) So I'll try and see if I can have it repaired or get somebody I know to repair it, because I'm untrained enough that I don't trust myself to do it at all.

2000s Black MacBook

I picked this up at an antique market for $5! Now, granted, it doesn't have a battery or a charger (or maybe a hard drive; I'm not sure), and so I have no way of turning it on---and that's not even considering the condition it's in (see above---not for those with weak stomachs), that price made sense, but maybe I can get it running? I have a copy of OS X Tiger (see below in the software section) that can potentially run on this if it's a 2006 model rather than a 2008 model, or could run if it wasn't an iBook G4-specific version of OS X. But I do this that this kind of MacBook is pretty cool, and it's allegedly relatively rare and was kind of sought-after back in the day. It was apparently a few hundred dollars more expensive than a white MacBook with otherwise identical specs. (Also, I remember it was the laptop Bella used in the Twilight movie.)


16GB iPad 3

This is my current iPad! I know, such an upgrade from my previous iPad 2 (see below) but it's what I use. My Aunt Travelbug gave it to me when she was in town back in August 2023, and although it's still signed into the iCloud of the place where she bought it from, I can use it for YouTube and basic note-taking, although I think I'll stick to paper for now. But I didn't try to reset it or anything, so it's not bricked like the iPad mini (see below).

16GB iPad 2

This is the first that I've actually used myself! I got this when I was a kid for my birthday after we used them in my elementary school, and I apparently swore left, right and centre to my parents that I'd only use educational apps. Yeah, no. This is what got me hooked to YouTube. I remember sitting there watching Stampylongnose and DanTDM for hours on end, and playing Angry Birds all the time too! Since I didn't have a tonne of friends for a lot of elementary school, this was how I spent a lot of my time. Would I rather have had a less digital childhood? Yes, but oh well. And it's still on iOS 6!! :)

64GB iPad mini 1

This is The Troubled iPad if you've read my blog, amongst other names. My mother bought it and a case for $5 at a rummage sale, figuring that that was a pretty good deal whether or not it worked. We brought it home and it worked! But it was signed into the old owner's iCloud, and we couldn't sign it out without the password, so I put it into recovery mode and tried to restore it. Big mistake. Now it's bricked unless we get the old owner to remove it from his iCloud one way or another. Ugh. At least it has one cool factor: it's slate! This blueish black colour was only available from 2012-2013, when either the devices that had it were discontinued (iPhone 5) or the slate was replaced with space grey (iPod nano, iPod shuffle, iPad mini), so it's a relatively "rare" colour! Especially with devices that transitioned away from it.


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