Put that controller in my mouth, because I'm a gamer girl! I only own Nintendo consoles - a Wii, Wii U, SNES Classic and Switch Lite, to be axact - and I mostly play first-party Nintendo games, at least in terms of my console gaming. I do have a couple of X-Box games, for some reason.

Anyways, probably my favourite game of all time is Super Mario Odyssey! I'm currently on my second playthrough as of writing this and I absolutely love this game so much! It's so fun to just explore all the vast kingdoms and find all the moons in the nooks and crannies! If you have a Switch, you need to get this game. It's so amazing!

I also like Splatoon a lot! I love the 90s vibes, since, as you can probably tell by a tonne of this site, I love the 90s! And it's just generally such a fun game, that really appeals to me, despite the fact that I don't normally like shooters. I've played since Splatoon 1 on the Wii U and now 2 on the Switch, and I'm excited for Splatoon 3! Below are my Splatoon 2 stats as of Aug 28, 2022.

And of course I have to mention Minecraft! Ever since I started using the Web, I watched tonnes of Minecraft YouTubers, and started playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition in late 2014, perhaps early 2015. I then started playing Minecraft PC around late 2015, when 1.8.8 or maybe 1.8.9 was the latest version. I've played it a tonne on and off throughout the years, and even once tried to do a Minecraft Let's Play on YouTube, which was... not very good. I stopped it after six episodes and it's all private now.

I also really like the Pokemon games. My favourite Pokemon is Eevee! Check out a cute Eevee GIF below. Check out my Pokemon page, where I talk more about my love for Pokemon by using the hyper-link in the navbar on the left!

I'm also really interested in RPGs! I started playing Super Mario RPG on my SNES Classic a few years ago and absolutely loved it, but couldn't figure out the second of the seven areas, so I stopped playing. I played Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch a while ago as well and I loved it! The story is absolutely legendary and the character design and many of the cutscenes are by freaking Studio Ghibli themselves! I've also started playing through Paper Mario: Origami King on the Switch, and really quite like it so far! I need to start playing more again.

And I also really like The Sims! I mainly just play it to live vicariously, because I don't really have much of a life. And why should I go out into the real world (yuck!) when I can create a version of myself and give her an uber-handsome husband and a family?

And speaking of uber-handsome men, Elliott from Stardew Valley! I recently started playing Stardew Valley on my Switch, and I absolutely love it! And you know that I, the verbose writer, am going to marry Elliott, the verbose writer.

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