Here are some of my favourite photos that I've taken, along with some descriptions!!

This is a maple leaf I found on my family's driveway on a slightly rainy day. We have a beautiful maple tree in our front yard, which is where the leaf came from.

This is one of the coolest natural optical illusions I've seen. When my parents and I were driving out to visit my grandparents, we saw these clouds in the sky really reminiscient of driving up into the hills/mountains/whatever. The sunset only added to it!

This is the entrance to a wooded patch in this park in my city. I remember thinking it was really ominous when I took this photo, but looking back on the photo now, it just seems pretty. :)

This is the trail that entrance leads to. (Is trail the right word? Oh well.) I absolutely think that this is so beautiful - I want to come back and photograph this in autumn sometime! It must be so gorgeous.

This is a pink flower my mother planted in the flowerbed surrounding our postbox. I saw this on a rainy day and just had to grab a photo!

A nice bridge scene I saw on a walk on a local trail. This has desktop background energy to mine.

Same day, same trail, different bridge, same energy. I prefer the first one, but this one is nice, too.

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