So on this page I'm going to talk about food, I guess. So enjoy!

My Favourite Foods

  • Garlic bread - Garlic bread may be my favourite food. For even my favourite foods, I've normally had some pretty bad renditions of whatever food; I can't say the same for garlic bread. Whether it's my parents' homemade garlic bread every time we have spaghetti, or my family's old favourite BBQ restaurant's crispy garlic bread, I love it so much!
  • Fettucine alfredo - This is probably my favourite pasta. I love cheesey stuff, so that's a bonus on top of the great experience already of it being pasta. Throw in some chicken, with some garlic bread on the side, and you've got one amazing meal!

My Least Favourite Foods

  • Sauerkraut - One of the most physically revolting foods that has ever passed my lips. My parents force me to eat it for New Year's because it's apparently lucky, but everytime I'm so reluctant. Everything from the texture to the taste just physically irks me.
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