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Hey Web-surfers, I'm Lizzie, and welcome to my stop right off the Information Super-Highway!

First things first, I love music, especially k-pop! My favourite musicians are: Verivery, Girls' Generation, CSR, S.E.S., DIA, H.O.T., Sistar, Super Junior, Jordan Sweeto, Wonho, Debbie Gibson, Joey Lawrence and a few others! I also watch quite a few YouTubers.

I'm definitely a fan of Web 1.0's design and philosophy as compared to Web 2.0 (and now 3.0)! The Web of the late 90s and its modern revival on Neocities and other similar services are really big influences on this site and its content and design. I also really like vintage iPods (basically everything but the touch 6g and 7g), especially the nanos!

Be sure to look at all the other pages on my Web site by clicking all the hyper-links in the navbar up top. There's so much cool stuff here, so be sure to look around! And before you leave, make sure to sign my guestbook. Surf's up! See you on the Net!

my Wobble virtual on-line cyber-pet, Sunny

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