E-Mail Revival!

In 2022, there are a lot of different ways we communicate. SMS, iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and especially Discord are some of the most popular, and it's easy to see why. They're quick, easy and instant, and bing on people's devices so they get near-instant responses. But there's something missing in them: personality. Sure, you can somewhat express your personality through some of your messages, but without the flow of longer-form communication. So what's the solution? E-mail!

From what I see nowadays, people my age don't really view e-mail as a place for personal communication. Instead, we tend to view e-mail as a place for school or work, for businesses to promote themselves and for various Web-sites to spam us with useless crap. But what if it was different? I'm too young to remember the "golden age of e-mail" or whatever, but I still remember sending e-mails back and forth with my grandma and a couple friends when I was a kid, and it was way more fun and way more personal compared to texts!

Another great thing about e-mail is that it's decentralized: you're not giving all of your data over to a certain company, and you can e-mail people using different e-mail providers. If you didn't know, I'm personally very much against the Web being centralized on a few social media platforms and all of that, so I love how decentralized e-mail is. Plus, unlike Discord and social media site, E-mail has proper FORMATTING! And there are so many different e-mail clients, with their own features and customization options and filters and all that.

And there's no pressure to reply to an e-mail immediately! It just pops into your inbox and you can reply whenever you feel like it, instead of an iPhone binging at you every few minutes until you open a text. (Is it just my iPhone and my mum's iPhone that do that?) Even though some might associate it with business nowadays, because it seems like that's all some people use it for, in general, it's way less pressure!

And so that's why we need to bring back recreational, personal e-mails! I invite all y'all to start e-mailing people again - it's more personal, less pressure and more fun! And why not start off by clicking the GIF below and e-mailing me? (I promise I didn't just make this page because I want more people to e-mail me.) Anyways, see you in my inbox!

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