These are some random dreams I've had!


I was in English class and kept trying to do nice things for this guy I liked at the time, but he wouldn't acknowledge me, so I was bummed out by that. Though to be fair, it wasn't specifically to me, since for the entire dream he was silent and stared forward with a stoic face.

My Sister Tootie

So Tootie from Facts of Life was my sister and she was going to run away with some boy in his car but before they did that they were stopping off at the bank and I had to stop her from running away so I went to the bank and they were sitting in the boy’s SUV kissing in the carpark.

So they were about to leave but I stood on the grass looking at them with a disappointed look on my face. They were just about to pull out of the carpark when Tootie saw and they did a U-turn back into the carpark. Tootie got out and came up to me and hugged me and apologized and I cried and she agreed not to go with him.

Car Kidnapping

Note: so this whole universe/world looked like we were in the film 'A Car's Life' which if you don't know is a really bad film that's capitalizing on the movie cars.

So I'm a car and I'm next to a large motorway in the grass just behind a line of trees and so there's another car with me so then there's a house next to us and there are two cars that are going to break in. So me and the other car decide to try to sneak away onto the motorway and escape but we start driving to the motorway and the bad cars see us and capture us.

So now we're trapped on a road that intersects with the large motorway with the two evil cars. But one of the evil cars is lying on his 'back' (upside down) and the other one is taunting(?) the other car. So I take this opportunity to escape onto the large motorway. The upside down one tries to tase me or shoot me with a laser or something but I round a bend before he can do that.

So I see another road that intersects with the motorway which intersects with a road that's parallel to the motorway and is roughly one car width away from it. So the parallel road had a red button on it that said in white letters something along the lines of 'start' or 'finish' or something. So I try to drift and hit it but miss and end up On the grass between the road and motorway

Phil Schiller At My School

So we were at my school in the auditorium room and we were leaving for some reason and some Apple executives like Phil Schiller were there and I asked him how part of my magic keyboard with numeric keypad worked and I wanted to ask what his favourite iPod nano was but instead I walked off muttering that the 5th gen was the best and then we left and then my best friend was there and his hair was long.

Pulled Over for Smuggling

So my mother and I were driving in the middle of nowhere in rural Missouri, with two other cars following behind ours. So suddenly this unmarked black SUV comes up out of nowhere and cuts us off. Some guy gets out and tells us all to step out. Once we're all standing on the side of the road, he says that he's arresting us all for smuggling drugs (even though my mother and I didn't have any drugs.)

Coach Drew Gooden

So I was at school in my old art teacher's class and I had a boyfriend and he and I weren't actually doing art. We started reading a book for English or whatever where we were at different places right before theh end, but stopped and started reading the next book we had to read at the same time, which was about some British guy. I leaned on his shoulder and he put his arm around me and it was really cute.

Then we went to PE class, where we had to run to this pavillion (we were outside). Another person in the class who was running over was a certain old friend of mine. So I talked to them for a second and high-fived them and we all went over to this place that was like a sort of pavillion shelter type thing like they have in the parks in Columbia, and split up into two sides randomly and sat on opposite sides on the floor (there were no benches or anything).

And our coach was Drew Gooden, and he did a little skit where he handed over our class to some random lady, who then made us shake drawers with Tupperware containers full of Lucky Charms in them? And my aforementioned boyfriend was nowhere to be seen and there was a Zoom chat and apparently everybody had already left and also the ctivity was supposed to represent the organs or the digestive system or something?

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