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So this is going to be a bit dodgy because all of my blog is in static HTML and I'm not using Wordpress or Blogspot or anything, so I can't properly do searchable tags like they would, so I'm just going to have to list the blog posts and applicable tags, and I recommend that you press control-f on Windows or Linux or command-f on a Mac and search for interesting tags, which should let you click through all the mentions of your subject, if there are any, on the page. This will go back for a good while, with all my posts after I started adding titles and all that and talking more about specific subjects in some posts, and slowly but surely all my posts. Enjoy!

September 2023

Busy, Busy, Busy(work) - school, AP Latin, APILALLUS, history, French, illnesses, English

Whiteboards and Wasps! - school, insects, bugs, drama, performing arts, volunteering, fall festival, food, Starbucks

Books, D&D and Rain! - school, performing arts, books, book sales, volunteering, D&D, history, weather

College and Quiz Bowl and "Capstones", Oh My!! - school, college, AP Latin, capstones, APILALLUS, Vi Hart, fire drills

Hunky-Dory Hump Day! - school, rain, AP Lit, AP French, weather, poetry

Labour Day! - school, day off, baking, concerts, D&D, homework, quiz bowl

Clubs and College! - school, fish, clubs, D&D, college

August 2023

Goodbye Summer, Hello School! - school, school trips, retreats, math, Latin, English, French, study hall, PE, fish

I'm Becoming Elderly - my old soul, school, growing up, musings, shopping, mall, CDs, summer

Super Cool Finds! - family, Aunt Travelbug, cousins, TV, movies, Mac, Mac software, iPad 3

Family, Weather and Other Such Engrossing Topics - family, Aunt Travelbug, cousins, weather, rain, shopping, books, food, Jane Austen

July 2023

Shopping Day With Subway! - shopping, thrifting, computers, Macs, Mac OS, Apple, weather, storms, food

The Great Clean-Up III: The Box 'n' Book Boogaloo - The great clean up, books, boxes, hyperlinks, k-pop, H.O.T.

Cousinly Chaos (feat. Driving!) - family, cousins, food, games, driving, Verivery

Bummer Train - bummers, bad days, annoyances, food, estate sales, Verivery, concert, vacation, trips, job hunt, schedule

Pepsi, iPads and Pie! - family, food, pie, cousins, iPad, technology addiction

Is Twilight Alright? - Twilight, vampires, movies, watchthrough

Rain! ...Not! - rain, weather, reading

Opening My AP Scores on Camera - vlogs, AP exams, AP psychology, AP calculus, AP language

An Open Letter to Kellog's - breakfast, food, rambling, ranting, raisins

The Great Clean-Up II: The Estate Sale Strikes Back - the great clean up, books, estate sales, antiques, technology, trinkets, The Troubled iPad

I Finished The Office! - The Office, TV, watchthrough

The Great Clean-Up - the great clean up, family, cleaning, trinkets, redecorating, posters

Finally, Rain! Or, Children Are Easily Entertained - weather, family, cousins, basement, McDonald's, cleaning, blog

December 2021

Christmas 2021 - Christmas, books, driving, cousins, family, gaming

SUPER SPECIAL VERIVERY CONCERT EDITION! - music, Verivery, k-pop, concert, travel, art, shopping

June 2021

Talking About WWDC - Apple, WWDC, Mac OS X, iOS, iPadOS, computers, technology, Apple Watch, smartphones, iPads, iPhones

Lounging - summer, lake, library, COVID vaccine

Lounging - summer, Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter, boredom, YouTube, nostalgia

May 2021

MINCHAN'S BACK! - verivery, Minchan's hiatus

Pit of Nostalgia - games, Angry Birds, writing, vlogs, video blogs, nostalgia

School's Out for Summer! - summer, school, field day, Apples to Apples, teachers, Target, shopping, Britney Spears, vlogs, video blogs

Finals Update #2 - cell phone, iPhone, finals, school, physics, algebra, history, technology problems, ranting, field day

Finals Update #1 - finals, school, philosophy, food, pizza, French, algebra, cookie cake

IT'S THE FINALS COUNTDOWN! - finals, school, philosophy, English, physics, French, the Sims, gaming, field day

Formal, Final, Etc. - school, school dance, music, philosophy, parties, COVID, vaccine, writing

Pride and Prejudice and School - finals, history, English, Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen, Latin, horror, YouTube, school

Almost Finals! - school, finals, physics, books, Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen, Latin

April 2021

Yesterday. Was. Amazing! - day off, finals, Latin, physics, books, school

M1 iMac first thoughts! - school, essay, computers, iMacs, M1 iMac, G3 iMac, vlogs

Narcissism and Ni No Kuni - site, YouTube, Ni No Kuni, computers, Windows, Boot Camp, writing

Goodbye spring break! - school, spring break, writing, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, YouTube, vlogs, books, site

March 2021

Long time no see! - school, intersession, film festival, movies, dentist, ice cream, writing

Tired - school, physics

Can't wait for spring break - Grammys, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, school, spring break, music, Latin

Daylight saving time - ranting, school, physics, daylight savings time, yearning

Conferences - parent-teacher conferences, school, writing, TV, Gilmore Girls

Radio Silence - busy, school, k-pop

Reading and Watching - day off, TV, The Golden Girls, Clarissa Explains It All, school, reading, illness

Procrastinating - day off, procrastination, smartphone

Overslept :( - day off, school, philosophy

Day off - day off, school, philosophy

Big Weight Off! - school, exam, presentation

Wonho - k-pop, Wonho

Listen to Get Away! - Verivery, Get Away, k-pop, music

Happy March! - Verivery, weather, Get Away, k-pop, music

February 2021

February's Finale - February, Verivery

Cough As You Choose - Jane Austen, books, TV

Bake-Off - Verivery, k-pop, Dongheon, Yeonho, music

Bake-Off - tv, Great British Bake-Off, baking

Egg throwing - school, physics

Frankenstein and Fashion! - fashion, y2k, books, classics

Pretty good day - yearning, dentist

2000th update - site

Nonstop school - school, Wattpad

Tired of school - food, music, Britney Spears, Verivery, site, writing

Tired of school - school, cooking

Physics test - school, physics, site

Too bored - school, essay

Late Start - day off, school

Snow day! - day off, essays, school, philosophy

Prince charming - Princess Diaries, movies, yearning

VERIVERY COMEBACK - Verivery, music, k-pop, Get Away

Last day off :( - day off, school, essays, poetry, classics, YouTube

Thanks again! - site, day off

Snow Prince Stage - Verivery, music, Dongheon, k-pop

Day Off! - school, snow days, day off

Surfer boyfriend - The Princess Diaries, movies, boyfriend, yearning

Valentine's - Valentine's Day, yearning, boyfriend, mysteries

Grr - yearning, femboy

Almost Valentine's - yearning, boyfriend, horror, mysteries, YouTube, site

4-Day Weekend - weekend, school

Thank you! - writing, dream, boyfriend

Writing! - writing, site

Solidarity - femboy, trans

Why so much work? - ranting, school

School on a Snow Day! - ranting, snow, school, algebra, tests

Cold! - ranting, sickness, cold, school, COVID, social distancing, snow

Ugh Again. - ranting, sickness, cold, school, essays, English class

Ugh. - ranting

iCloud iSsues - Apple, iCloud drive, cloud storage, technology problem, schools

Having a DAY - ranting, school, technology problems

Opinions on Mario Characters - super mario bros, mario, luigi, peach, femboys, lgbt

Appreciation - neocities, femboy, gratefulness

Forgetfulness - forgetting, cell phone

January 2021

Rainy weather! - weather, rain

Yearning - boyfriend, yearning

What is happening - school, physics

Love my life - school, English, TV, Designing Women

Abandoned site - dead sites, Neocities

Pretending - school, math, algebra

Bored - wiby, school

First Post - blog, site, welcome