Blog - March 2023

31-3-2023 - 9:56 PM

Song of the day: MINX - Why Did You Come To My Home?

I called my Grannie today and she seems to be doing well! Other than that, this was my first day (besides the weekend) of spring break, sadly. Anyways, beyond that, it rained today! Though it only thundered a little bit, which, whilst really nice, was a far cry from what was implied by the severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings. I was hoping for some heavy rain for a few hours, I'll admit, but something is better than nothing. Anyways, my dad was out at my Nan's for the day today, so Mum and I got Chinese! Can you tell that I love Chinese food? (No, not like the song, I promise.) Anyways, it's been a pretty good day. I only wish spring break were longer!

30-3-2023 - 9:59 PM

Song of the day: MINX - Why Did You Come To My Home?

Guess whence I post this? OS X! Yeah, I quite liked using Windows for the day (besides the fact that I couldn't customize it very much as it wasn't activated, and for some reason it didn't want to update to the newest feature update---which is, I suppose, rather understandable, since it's probably rather hard to suddenly jump from a three-year-old feature update to the newest one without any in-between) but I suppose that I'll just leave actually switching for later.

Anyways, we went to my Grannie's current rehab place to visit her! She's doing significantly better than before, and is regaining some of her strength and quite a bit of mobility compared to two weeks ago, when she couldn't walk at all. My Grandpapa was there, so it was nice to visit with him, though he napped intermittently for part of the time. My Grannie is on the road to recovery and I hope and pray that she keeps getting better! Anyways, we stopped on the way home and got some M&Ms, and I rested my eyes on the way back, and played some Stardew Valley in the car as well. And I had McDonald's for lunch again! Though sadly, they gave me sweet tea, which I really don't like, rather than unsweet tea for some reason. Anyways, it's been a pretty good day. I'll talk to all y'all tomorrow!

30-3-2023 - 1:23 PM

Song of the day: Girls' Generation and 2PM - Cabi Song

Guess whence I post this? Windows! I made a Boot Camp dual boot of Windows 10 ages ago, and I'm currently using it for the first time in ages! Just for the heck of it, mostly, but also to see if a certain piece of software will work with it. Anyways, it's asking me to restart to update Windows (this hasn't had a feature update since late 2019 so it's got some catching up to do!) even though Windows Update says the feature update it wants me to install has a little error. But oh well. Honestly, if it weren't for having to transfer my iTunes library over, I'd switch right now! At least temporarily. We'll see if and how a little stint with Windows changes my opinion. Anyways, I'm going to go visit my Grannie now, and it shall update whilst I'm gone! Talk to all y'all later from a hopefully still functioning computer!

29-3-2023 - 10:14 PM

Song of the day: Psalm 23 (Theme to The Vicar of Dibley)

My mum and I had ice cream in a local park today! That was the big thing. Otherwise, I've jsut been chilling. It's warming up! Though when we had our ice cream, it was a little too chilly to be comfortable. Also, the Wii U and 3DS e-Shops are closed, sadly! But that's it for tonight!

28-3-2023 - 9:54 PM

Song of the day: Chi Chi - Love Is Energy

Today's been a pretty good day. I had McDonald's for lunch as a little treat, read a lot, did a calculus FRQ that was pretty easy, and have just generally had a nice, relaxing day! I also finally folded the laundry that's been piling up for a while now! So overall, not a super eventful day, but a pretty decent one nonetheless. That's all for today!

28-3-2023 - 9:27 AM

Song of the day: Chi Chi - Love Is Energy

CSR's releasing their new mini album tomorrow! Their last two releases have been really good, and I'm so glad they're bringing back the cute, power innocent concept like Gfriend, Oh My Girl, etc. did! And they have their own style on it as well which is really nice. Anyways, the highlight medley (or "album scrap" as they call it) came out (I embedded it below) and it's so cool! I definitely look forward to doing an album review when I buy it. Anyways, other than that, it's nice and rainy this morning! Or at least it rained before I woke up, and now it's quite nice and overcast, and I might have McDonald's for lunch as a treat. I've a feeling that today shall be a good day!

27-3-2023 - 10:09 PM

Song of the day: S.E.S. - Love

Okay, so I don't think it's that important to blog that in more detail, so I won't, but yeah. Today I've watched some Vicar of Dibley and went on a long walk, and my thumb's been feeling weird recently, and I finally did a calculus FRQ today and that's all the notable stuff that's happened today. Also, I've been playing Cookie Clicker and wondering whether or not I should become a Catholic and whether or not I should get bangs. Also, I posted my video blog episode about spring cleaning, which I've embedded below. So yeah, that's all for today!

26-3-2023 - 10:12 PM

Song of the day: I.O.I. - Pick Me

I went to my Nan's tonight for dinner, so I don't have much time to blog before I shall go up to bed, but I did a lot of spring cleaning today! As we speak, I'm exporting a video blog about it that should be up tomorrow! Anyways, yesterday, I had a really cool day out on the town with Blue and Green. I had some amazing ramen for lunch---$14, but it was huge and posh and delish and well worth the price!---and then failed to try on two dresses at a vintage store, and then tried one on properly which was really cute! But I ended up buying a cute '70s blouse. I also got a cinnamon ice cream cone, and realized how much I've been underrating cones! And we chatted, and I had dinner with Green's family and played Mario kart with Green and his brothers, and of course heard the middle school gossip from Green's brothers. I might talk in more detail about it tomorrow, but for now that's it. Toodles for tonight!

24-3-2023 - 8:27 PM

Song of the day: Becky G - Shower

Intersession is over! This week was so fun. This morning, we went to one of the senior's houses and had brunch! We used some farm-fresh eggs from one of the senior's farms, and vaguely used some of the wild onion grass we foraged, and the senior whose house it was's father made cinnamon rolls! It was so great, and really, it was such an amazingly beautiful house as well. We then went back to school and faffed about until presentations, which were so cool! Apparently, the ghost stories group is even self-publishing their book on Amazon! This was a super cool week!

Anyways, it was so rainy today, so I took a nice walk after school! And of course, I couldn't resist kicking some water up like I was in a music video, and of course the bottom quarter of my legs got really wet because of that, but oh well. I love the rain!! Today's been a good day, and this week has been a really good week. I hope the same for all y'all! I'll talk to all y'all later!

23-3-2023 - 10:08 PM

Song of the day: Sistar - Loving U

Guess who got to drive a tractor today? This morning, we went to a little nearby farm and the farmer gave us a tour of her freaking beautiful farm---her house was also incredibly beautiful!---and then we went to a little village and looked at a river, and then went to a nearby town and got lunch at a nice little diner---I had a burger and fries, which were pretty good, though nothing to write home about--- and then we went to the farm of one of the seniors who helped plan this week. It was over a thousand acres, which is freaking wild, and we got a brief drive-by tour in a minivan (9 of us somehow crammed into a minivan) and then hanged around in the shop. I ended up getting to drive a tractor as well! It was a New Holland, but it was basically the same as my Grandpapa's souped up Farmall he got a few years back, and it was quite fun! So yeah, today was a fun, eventful day!

22-3-2023 - 9:58 PM

Song of the day: Girls' Generation - Forever 1

This morning, we also had nothing to do, so we pretended to watch a documentary and then a senior came in and taught us how to grow mushrooms from storebought mushrooms! So now I have some mushroom bits planted in a red solo cup covered with saran wrap. Anyways, after lunch, we toured a small local urban agriculture farm, which was somewhat educational but also somewhat boring. But today was a pretty chill day. I'll talk to all y'all tomorrow!

21-3-2023 - 10:06 PM

Song of the day: CSR - Loveticon

Today, we had nothing to do, so we went to a random little tree farm somewhere, and then went to Subway for lunch, although I couldn't have any since I didn't bring money to school, and so I ate at school, and then in the afternoon we toured a local vet clinic place! And then we went for ice cream, but of course I didn't have money so couldn't have any, and it was cashless for some stupid reason anyways. Anyways, it was nice and rainy nowadays and I took a really nice walk in the rain! It's been quite a nice day. That's all!

20-3-2023 - 10:05 PM

Song of the day: Verivery - Tap Tap

More deets about last night: we tried to go to a bunch of different shops after having some delicious chocolate ice cream---which was lovely, despite the super cold temperatures!---but they were all closed because it was Sunday evening, and then we popped by a hippie bookshop, which wasn't at all my speed, and then coffee shop, where Blue took his leave, and then Green and I walked around before going to a church. We went in and prayed (even though Green is Muslim) and explored, and I'm considering going there! Hopefully once I get my licence.

Anyways, today was the start of spring, though the spring weather started here a couple weeks ago on and off, and the start of "intersession", my school's week of special, themed classes before spring break! This year, I''m in a farming and foraging-themed class! Today, we started off by going to a hardware stoer to get microgreen seeds, which we planted, and then by going to the headmistress's house, where we worked on her greenhouse and then had some bomb-dot-com tacos that she made us for lunch! They even had some lovely, fresh guac! We then went to a local state park, with a lovely cave! Here are some photographs.

We even went in! It was all lovely, although the long walk without water was annoying. And then, on the way home, after buying some fabric for my toga for Toga Day, my mum and I got free ice cream cones from Dairy Queen! It was all a lovely day! Ta-ta for tonight!

19-3-2023 - 10:14 PM

Song of the day: Girls' Generation - Forever 1 (Aiobahn Remix)

Blue, Green and I all went out on the town today! We went to a library class about podcasts, and then had ice cream, went to some hippie bookstore, and then Blue went home and Green and I went to a church! It was a lovely evening, and I ended up getting two interesting books out of the library recycling. It was a great day, and that's that! I might talk more tomorrow, but now it draws late. Toodles!

17-3-2023 - 10:00 PM

Song of the day: Verivery - Tap Tap (Japanese Version)

The one bad thing about today was that I slept quite poorly last night, because I took a long time again to fall asleep due to the time change, and I woke up in the middle of the night coughing like a Victorian orphan, and had to prop myself up like a Victorian on a sick-bed to get back to sleep. So I was pretty dang tired today, but somehow still managed to get 100% on my chemistry test and Latin vocab quiz, though I still don't know about my psychology test or my calculus quiz, which, thank God, was a partner quiz! But now I'm watching The Nanny, and my mother bought me some nasal spray and all, so hopefully tomorrow will be better and all. But that's all for now!

16-3-2023 - 10:10 PM

Song of the day: Yena - Smartphone

My allergies have been bothersome again today! But that's nothing new. Anyways, my school had a mandatory presentation for middle and high schoolers today about sleep, and in French we made posters about smartphone. In college counselling we mostly had free time. That's been the highlights of my day! Toodles!

15-3-2023 - 10:05 PM

Song of the day: Lovelyz - Ah-choo!

My allergies are a little better again! And I felt just un-allergic enough that I took a walk tonight! So hopefully, and presumably, I'll feel better soon.

Anyways, today (the Ides of March, fittingly) I had the National Latin Exam! I think I did decently, though my performance was, I believe, nothing special. And I had part 1 of a chem exam today, and got 7/7! So it was a good day, I suppose, although I would certainly appreciate it if my allergies would go away. So yeah, that's that for today!

14-3-2023 - 7:16 PM

Song of the day: Oh My Girl Banhaha - Banana Allergy Monkey

Hello hello! Once again, I'm coming right at ya from the library's Internet PCs. Currently, I'm waiting for my mum to finish with her library book club, and since I forgot my backpack at home, I can't study for my chemistry test tomorrow, and anyways I think and hope and pray that I'll do pretty well anyways, but still, I'll do a couple more problems when we get home tonight, and then I think I'll be set. Also, the National Latin Exam's tomorrow! So let's hope and pray that I do well, despite my current allergy-induced mental incapacity/general brain fog. Seriously, I wrote an FRQ today for English class, and it was timed to help us get used to the time limits they have on the AP exam, and I finished in half of the allotted forty-five minutes. I have no clue if I was coherent.

But yeah, it's been a day, if you're pickin' up what I'm puttin' down. Because of the time change and my allergies, I didn't sleep the best tonight, so I think that's also contributing to my brain fog. Also, when I went to class today, my chemistry teacher wondered if I was joking last night. And those terribly vexacious allergies are still acting up somewhat! My friends suggested it might be the air filter in my house, because they seem to be particularly present inside my house, and I think that might be it. Or maybe I'm imagining them happening more inside. Who knows? Let's just hope and pray this gets better soon. Toodles!

14-3-2023 - 10:14 AM

Song of the day: Oh My Girl Banhaha - Banana Allergy Monkey

Guess who woke up twice last night with a stuffy nose? It all seems to have subsided somewhat, and right now I'm wearing a mask to school, which is supposed to keep the pollen (I'm assuming that's what I'm allergic to) and all out, so it's just my nose right now, going between being stuffy in one nostril and being itchy in the other, with the occasional instance of both. I hope this gets better soon! I hate allergy season.

And why is it flaring up all of a sudden? Perhaps I should've taken that sick day my mother offered me. I can't take it tomorrow or Friday, because I have a chemistry test and I don't want to get my teacher upset with me if I miss the test, etc. We'll see. Hopefully my symptoms are gone by next week! Anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later, and meanwhile I"ll wallow. Toodles!

13-3-2023 - 10:12 PM

Song of the day: Yunsae - I Need It To Be You

Today has been good for the most part, except for two things: chemistry and allergies. I had some trouble with the first, with a seemingly unfamiliar concept, but upon receiving my e-mail, my chemistry teacher explained passive-aggressively that it was the same as another concept. Anyways, beyond that: I hate allergies! I woke up at 5:00 this morning with a sore throat, dry eyes and a clogged nose, and whilst I did get back to sleep, these symptoms lasted all day, and I'm still miserable with a sore throat and an itchy, kind of stuffy, kind of runny nose. But oh well. Let's hope that tomorrow shall be a better day!

12-3-2023 - 10:05 PM

Song of the day: GFRIEND - Sunny Summer

Today's been a pretty long day. First, there was the time change, which led to me losing an hour of sleep, which led to me being sleepy, and then in the afternoon, my mother and I drove to see my Grannie, who's feeling better, thank God, but having some mobility issues. Then, we went right to my Nan's, and had a big family dinner, and I chatted with my cousins! I'm trying to get closer to them, after a telephone call I had with my Nan recently where she encouraged me to do so. Anyways, dinner and the conversation were both good! But after all that---upwards of two hours in the car!---I'm pretty tired. So that's it for today!

11-3-2023 - 10:01 PM

Song of the day: Yunsae - Starlight

The rest of my time at the library was really nice! I sat in their window-filled reading room and it was really nice, especially since it was raining! It was so nice to look around and listen to music and all. Anyways, afterwards, my mother and I went to Culver's! I really like that Culvers burgers (at least the one I normally get) has vegetables, so I'm probably getting way more vitamins and stuff! Or at least somehat more---let's be honest with ourselves, it's fast food. But anyways, then I went home and putzed around, and then took a walk sans umbrella in the rain because I couldn't find one. It was actually nice, besides the rain in my eyes and on my glasses!

Anyways, for dinner I had some cream of chicken noodle soup, courtesy of my mother. It's just noodles with cream of chicken soup---it's really good! I think I should start a recipe page someday. But then again, maybe a couple should be family secrets or something, passed down from generation to generation. Who knows? Anyways, I just watched Celebrity Jeopardy and facepalmed at the guests trying to guess where, out of the four countries of the UK, Balmoral is. (Spoiler alert: it's in Scotland! But it took them until the third try to guess it, and then it was easy because Scotland is way more well-known than Northern Ireland. Anyways, I'm rambling.)

Anyways, I've been thinking, and maybe I don't hate the idea of switching back to Windows someday as much as I used to, provided it's Windows 10 and not 11. I never want to use Windows 11, unless there's someway to un-mess-up the taskbar and start menu and all of that. But that's a decision for the next time I buy a computer. Anyways, that's it for today!

11-3-2023 - 1:31 PM

Song of the day: Yunsae - Starlight

Once again, I'm writing this from the library computers! I just got done with a two-hour cashiering shift for a book sale, and my mum and I are going to get lunch and go home in a bit, but I decided to sit around for a while first, so I'll surf the Net for a while (I know I could do it at home, but for some reason I always love surfing the Net at the library! I feel like I get distracted less for some reason.) and then look around to see if there are any interesting books that I didn't check out yesterday, and then I'll be on my way! It's currently raining, and so (besides my love of the rain!) it's a really nice atmosphere, since this part of the library has big windows and a tall ceiling, and I can hear the rain! It's just such a cozy atmosphere to be at the library right now.

Anyways, I got into bed a little earlier last night, and slept well, so I'm feeling pretty good. And my cashiering shift went well! Though there was one odd incident when I was helping this elderly lady take her books out to her sister's car and she asked my name, and she had clearly said "she" when talking about me to someone else, but then I kind of stuttered in a panic for a second and said "oh, it doesn't matter". Was that rude? I can't tell. Anyways, it's weird that it always seems to be older people and little kids who think of me as a female for the most part. Actually, another volunteer (thought? recognized? I don't know what to call it) yesterday that I was a girl, but then recognized me from my past volunteering sessions and apologized profusely. Anyways, I'm going to go surf the Net for a while. I'll talk to all y'all later!

10-3-2023 - 10:08 PM

Song of the day: Taeyeon (Girls' Generation) - Voice

Parent-teacher conferences went well! Although I realized that my AP exams are in less than two months, so I had better start studying! And my French teacher recommended me some French TV shows to watch. Also, babysitting for the parents went well! It was pretty fun. I even had a paper airplane competition with some of the kids! Anyways, that's pretty much all for today. It's gone pretty well!

10-3-2023 - 9:50 AM

Song of the day: Taeyeon (Girls' Generation) - Voice

Parent-teacher conferences are today! Unfortunately, I slept poorly last night, so I'm quite tired. Anyways, right now I'm sitting at the library, where my mother is volunteering, waiting for a while, until I have to babysit for two hours before conferences to help raise money for my grade's big junior trip. Thankfully, I at least get to do it with Green, so I won't be alone.

Anyways, my parents, as usual, have insisted on scheduling a conference with all of my teachers despite the fact that, as usual, there aren't really any concerns or anything of the sort. So we'll be going around to see five teachers today, and then my Latin teacher on Monday, because she's gone on the sixth-grade trip. At least I get to go to my favourite restaurant first for brunch! Anyways, I'll update all y'all on how the day goes later, when I'll hopefully be feeling more energetic!

9-3-2023 - 9:53 PM

Song of the day: H.O.T. - We Are The Future

Once again, for the most part, it's been a pretty good day. It's been nice and gloomy and rainy day, so I've been rather sleepy all day, and now I have a three-day weekend without homework! I called my nan (the one whose husband recently passed away) and we chatted for a while! And my French presentation went pretty well, though as usual I stumbled over my words. Thankfully, though, I made notecards this time, which helped, though not a tonne since I was too scared of just reading off the cards. But oh well. Anyways, that's about it. I'll talk to all y'all later!

8-3-2023 - 10:04 PM

Song of the day: H.O.T. - 행복

Grades came out today, and guess what---I got all As! I'm not one to brag if I can help it, but I'm pretty happy with that. And I had a dentist's appointment, so I got to miss chemistry block, and I got to go home right afterwards since I had study hall last period! So I had a rather relaxed afternoon. And the reader's awards lunch was today, and I got a tonne of books, a little coaster that looks like a library book stamp page, a mug, some coupons and some pizza! So for the most part, it's been a good day. Let's hope tomorrow's even better! I'll talk to all y'all later!

7-3-2023 - 10:08 PM

Song of the day: Shinee - Replay

The other juniors were taking the ACT today, but the exchange student and I were the only ones who weren't! So in calculus, with the seniors, I had a lot of free time, but did some work, and for chemistry and Latin I had total study halls! And then in English, we had some work time, and then in college counselling, we had a study hall, so I had a pretty relaxed day. I even got to hammock for a short time after school!

And I went to a credit union annual meeting with my parents, where my father got a pizza gift card, my mother got a Red Lobster gift card and I got a Target gift card! And I also got a cookie and a brownie, which were both very good. And it's raining! So yeah, that's it for today. I'll talk to all y'all later!

6-3-2023 - 9:57 PM

Song of the day: Jesse McCartney - Come To Me

Not much has happened today! I did the chemistry lab I didn't finish with some figures that my chemistry teacher sent to me, because he had washed our beaker out, yadda yadda. I ended up having to write a little summary as well, but that's that. Really not much has happened today---it's been a pretty boring/uneventful day, but I suppose a day is better boring than it is negatively eventful. Anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later!

5-3-2023 - 9:59 PM

Song of the day: Jesse McCartney - Beautiful Soul

Today has been pretty boring for the most part. My mother's cousin (who's much closer to my age than my mother's) stopped by to get a Christmas present that my Grannie forgot to give to her, so she gave it to us and my mother forgot to give it to her for two months. Anyways, we all made some smalltalk in the kitchen, and it was pretty cool! I also listened to my Jesse McCartney CD today, and it was quite good! I might review it here on my site soon.

Anyways, the other exciting thing was that my mother and I took her car to the carwash! And I helped out a little, though the hose's blast was a bit strong for my tastes and if it was much windier I probably would've gone airborne, and learned not to stand downwind from a large, misty hose. Anyways, that's about all the interesting stuff that's happened today. I'll talk to all y'all later!

4-3-2023 - 10:13 PM

Song of the day: Jesse McCartney - Beautiful Soul

I haven't really done very much today. I've surfed the Net some, and watched some Golden Girls, but the only real excitement was that my mother had to post some boxes, so we went to the post office in the mall, and of course, I ended up stopping by the CD store and buying a few Reba CDs, plus a Sara Evans CD and Jesse McCartney's Beautiful Soul CD. I bought the song Beautiful Soul ages ago for 69 cents on iTunes because that was all I had left of a gift card, and I ended up really liking it, so I decided to buy the CD! I haven't actually listened to any of them yet, but I'll have to do that in short order.

Anyways, the post office had closed for the day, since at some point, they started to close properly at 2:00---not just for lunch---so we didn't even do the thing we set out to do. But c'est la vie. I did get McDonald's on the way home as a special treat. And that's pretty much it for day. I'm still sad, of course, but I know I'll see my Grandad again someday and I'm feeling better. I'll talk to all y'all later!

3-3-2023 - 10:10 PM

Song of the day: Dame Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again

Today was my Grandad's funeral. I won't talk about it very much here for the sake of privacy, but suffice it to say that it was a beautiful service, with many tributes to one of the kindest, most loving people I have ever know. There was a luncheon afterwards at the church, and then we went back to my grandparents' house to chat, and it was all very lovely. We also came away with some lovely leftovers from the luncheon. It's been though these last few days to say goodbye to my Grandad, but I know that it's not forever---only goodbye for now, until we meet again some sunny day. That's just about all I have to say for today. I'll talk to all y'all later.

1-3-2023 - 10:01 PM

Song of the day: DIA - My Friend's Boyfriend

The only thing that really happened today was that I had a chemistry lab. Blue and I were partners, and our liquid took unusually long to heat up, and of course, we didn't finish in time, and the chemistry teacher didn't give our specific group an important piece of information. I really, really hope that we shan't get yell at, but at this point that seems somewhat unlikely. Beyond that, Green and I dropped in on a meeting of Blue's group for our upcoming oen week of interesting themed class before spring break, and the lunch was chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. That's really it. So I'll talk to all y'all later!

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